What’s happening now is social trial, justice will be done finally: Parvathy


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Actress Parvathy Thiruvoth has said the trial in the actress attack case is being delayed. “What is going on now is social trial but neither I nor Women in Cinema Collective is anxious about it. Whoever tries to delay the case, justice will be done in the end,” she told a prominent media in an interview.
“People are seeing the handiwork of persons who are trying to delay the case and the truth is slowly coming out. People are seeing attempts being made to make witnesses change their statements and other things,” she said.
Parvathy said that she wouldn’t say there is no insecurity in the film field. “The relation between the WCC and AMMA continue to be the same. But if new persons come to various posts in AMMA, there are chances for change”.
When asked about politics, she said that Indian politics was passing through very dangerous phases.