‘Kuttibhai Aao…’ Modi received Abdullkutty with these words


NEW DLHI: Sacked Congress leader A P Abdullakutty had the other day met Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah, amid speculations that he would be joining the party soon.

The meeting with the prime minister happened at his office in Parliament on Monday. Modi received Abdullakutty with these welcoming words: Kutti bhai Aao… These warm words had enthralled Abdhullakutty, according to sources.

The former CPM as well as Congress leader managed to get an appointment with the prime minister through the private secretary of an MP, who was his acquaintance when he was the MP long back.

For this meeting, he stayed in New Delhi for several days. Abdullakutty, met Modi after meeting NCP chief Sharad Pawar but clarified that Modi had already invited him to join the BJP.

“The prime minister asked me why people who talk about development are being hounded away from Kerala politics. He asked me then how come minority communities are cooperating with the BJP in North India,” he said.

Meanwhile, political observers are expecting the official announcement of Abdullakkuty enrolment in the BJP.