Binoy case: Mumbai-based advocate makes decisive revelations


MUMBAI: A Mumbai-based advocate has come out with decisive revelation on the sexual harassment case against CPM leader Kodiyeri Balakrishnan’s son Binoy Kodiyeri.

Advocate K P Sreejith told a prominent media channel that he was the mediator in the compromise talk held between the complainant woman and Binoy’s mother Vinodini. The mediation talk was held at his Mumbai office.

Sreejith said Vinodini had arrived in Mumbai for talks and he had apprised Kodiyeri Balakrishnan of the seriousness of the matter. “But Kodiyeri only believed his son’s words. He said it was just the intention of the woman to extract money from his son by blackmailing him

However, Vinodhini didn’t accept the woman’s demand for a compensation of Rs 5 crore. Binoy asked me then that time if she was given this time won’t she keep on asking for money again and again? Binoy also told me that his father need not interfere in the matter and if she filed a case, he would face it single-handely,” the advocate recounted.