Deepa Nishanth mocks MLA for requesting votes for Remya Haridas


Deepa Nishanth, teacher and writer launched an attack towards Anil Akkara for his words requesting votes for Remya Haridas, the UDF candidate for the Alathur Lok Sabha seat, in the social media. There is nothing wrong in describing the hardships she had faced in her life but when seeking votes announcing that aim in life is to become Malikappurathamma, the writer reminds us that this is a democratic exercise in choosing people who should always be alert in protecting people and legislation. Those seeking votes should have the common sense to know that this is not a reality show or polls held to a temple committee, she wrote in her Facebook page criticising the MLA.

Requesting votes for the candidate of Alathur constituency. The first picture is on the Indian Youth Congress’ page. Notice the ad for fund collection. If Remya is elected, she would be the first dalit woman MP reaching the Lok Sabha. Bhargavi Thankappan of the CPM was the long served MLA of the Kerala assembly and deputy speaker of the eighth Kerala assembly. She was elected to the Lok Sabha from Adoor constituency in 1971.