EDITORIAL: Political arrogance above law


Though Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee showed off her smartness by arresting the CBI officials using her police, receiving applauds from his political supporters and newfound friends, the elite class evaluate it as an action that is unbecoming to a Federal system.

The CBI officers wanted to question Kolkata police chief Rajeev Kumar over two chit fund schemes- Sharada-Rose Valley, but the CBI officials who turned up at Kumar's home were taken to a local police station and detained. The CBI officers, were released later. Mamata called it a total constitutional breakdown. She blamed Ajit Doel and said it was her job to protect her officers.

Many Opposition leaders have also spoken out in support of Ms Banerjee. Congress chief Rahul Gandhi had also extended his support for Ms Banerjee. RJD chief Tejashwi Yadav said the state government had to take the move due to "political decisions" the CBI had been taking at the BJP's behest.

The CBI had gone to question Kolkata Police Commissioner Rajeev Kumar as certain important evidence related to Chit fund scam had disappeared in the chit scam.

The CBI officials reached Kolkata after repeated summons sent to the Commissioner fell on deaf ears. The police also blocked CBI’s Kolkata office. The police withdrew after Central armed forces reached the spot.

The city was in a tense state on Sunday. After Banerjee came out alleging that Modi government had been trying to destroy Bengal, her party workers came out on the streets, creating dramatic situations. She also held dharna late into the night, demanding that the Constitution be protected.

What was more unrighteous was that the Kolkata government prevented the CBI officials from discharging their duty and moreover, took them into custody.

The strange development has reiterated the role of Mamata and her party workers in the chit fund scam. The CBI is currently probing the case under the observation of the Supreme Court. There is political game-plan behind the above action of Mamata, who sees everything though political eyes.

It seems that Mamata has forgotten that in a country where there is a federal system of administration, there is no place for arrogance, pride and narrow-mindedness. The chief minister, who has been waiting for a confrontation with the Centre, used the opportunity very cleverly.

The CBI, the Supreme probe agency of the country, has the power to go anywhere in the country as per the law and discharge their duties by following its protocol. Mamata has challenged the federal system of the country by changing the incident into the touchstone of her political dominance in Bengal. Mamata has jumped the guns without the thought that Bengal is not an independent country and it is only a part of Indian Union.

Parties in the Grand Alliance gave claps to Mamata’s action only because they eye the upcoming election. Mamata is trying for a political confrontation with the Centre. But Mamata will have to answer in the Supreme Court for this escapade that had crossed limits.

The CBI has already approached the Supreme Court. Thought the petition was filed on Monday, it will be considered on Tuesday. The court had already instructed the State government that documents related to the chit scam be kept safe, free from destruction.

The police will definitely have to answer in the court over the missing documents.. There is nothing surprising in strange attempts being made to hide documents as politics is becoming more and more corrupt.

What happened at police commissioner’s residence and CBI headquarters in Kolkata on Sunday is a total blemish on country law and order system.