Government is wasting money by appointing liaison officer at the time of flood, says opposition leader


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: While the whole state is battling hard against the ongoing flood, the state government has appointed a special Liaison office for Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan. It must be noted that the liaison officer has been appointed in addition to the CM's advisors. The liaison officer will look after the cases filed on behalf of the government. Though the decision regarding the appointment was made weeks before, the order was issued this week.

The government has appointed V Velappan as the liaison officer. As per reports, Velappan's salary will be 1.10 lakhs which includes basic pay and other allowances. However, opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala has come out criticising the government for making the appointment at the present situation. According to him, the government is wasting money when the state is undergoing a crisis due to floods. He further alleged that while the government has not even granted financial assistance to those who were affected by last year's flood, it is finding new ways to spend more money in spite of having the advocate general and many other advocates to serve them,