NRI world shocked to hear about Razaq who collapsed and died after rescuing child from flood


DUBAI: Abdul Razaq was a bus driver at Dubai Gem school. It was some days ago that he bid adieu to his friends in Dubai and came to his hometown on leave.

Razaq’a colleagues in Dubai says that they never thought it would be the final farewell given to him. He had dived into the flooding water to save the life of a child who was drowning. He succeeded in saving the child and taking the kid to the river bank. But soon after this, he collapsed and died.

This year, Abdul Razaq had decided to go on leave when the Gem school closed for summer vacation. The main goal of the journey was to conduct the marriage of his daughter.

Last year’s flood also had wreaked havoc on Abdul Razaq’s house. At that time, the school staff and friends raised funds, with which he repaired his house.

Abdul Razaq’s daughter’s wedding happened a week ago. The house was spruced up and painted in this connection,
Razaq’s plan was to return to UAE by this month last ahead of the reopening of the school but now, that will never happen.