Of course earth will end, want to know how long earth will last? Hear words of VSSC director


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The question since earth was formed was when it will end. Many had reacted on earth's end. However, S Somanath, the director of Vikram Sarabhai Space Center (VSSC), is giving a scientific answer in this regard.

To the question of whether the earth will ever end, yes, it will surely end, answered Somnath. There is no doubt that the sun will come to an end, but before that the same thing will happen to the earth, he clarified. He opened his mind in Straight Line, an interview programme of Kaumudy TV.

His words

‘Of course the earth will end, reason there is no doubt that the sun will end. The sun has a lifespan of 15 billion years. If valued sun’s life again, there are four billion years more. Though four billion is so big, the earth would disappear before that. Reason once the fuel burns completely, the size of the sun will increase. It will increase and will be as large as the earth’s orbit. It will go beyond that. The earth will be inside the sun. At that time, the earth and other satellites will vanish.

Somanath talked about Chandrayaan and answered a number of important questions such as how is the country going to benefit from Chandrayaan etc.