Vava Suresh reveals secret behind BBC's arrival


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The news that Vava Suresh is taking a break from snake catching had stoked a controversy. He had reacted saying that he is calling it quits after he was upset with the way some targeted him in the social media. He later clarified that he changed his mind after people from all walks of life requested him to continue with it.

He opened his mind on the difficulties faced at a time when severe criticisms were showered on him from some corners. The BBC once came and shot about me and instead of reaching it to the world, there were other motives behind their arrival, he told this during Kaumudy TV’s programme ‘Straight Line’.

Vava said, “BBC Channel came here. They shot the way I catch a snake, bottles holding the snake and what I get from snake catching etc. BBC is also an investigative agency. Our common people don't know about it. Everyone thought BBC would reach the whole world about my snake catching. They came based on a message of some organization. I haven’t told about it to anyone so far. They came as an informer of an investigating agency. They went saying everything was okay. They think that in Kerala anyone can be criticized.”