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Saturday, 03 June 2023 9.21 PM IST

Members of opposition face brutal attack; dragged around and arm fractured


  • Rema's hand injured
  • Party leaders meeting today

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The opposition MLAs, who protested by sitting in front of the Speaker's office, were brutally beaten up by the Watch and Ward, ruling party members, and personal staff. KK Rema's injured hand was plastered. Saneesh Kumar Joseph was admitted to the hospital. Many were attacked.

Speaker AN Shamseer called an emergency meeting of party leaders at 8 am today in the wake of the clashes. Apart from six opposition MLAs filing a complaint with the Speaker, there were counter-complaints from Watch and Ward that the MLAs attacked them. The opposition has also leveled allegations against ruling party members H Salam and Sachindev. The meeting is in these circumstances.

Protests over the denial of permission to introduce an urgent motion on women's safety yesterday led to the massive clash and unusual incidents. As the Watch and Ward were trying to clear the way for Speaker AN Shamseer from the House to office, the conflict broke out when Additional Chief Marshal Moideen Hussain tried to push Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan. The Watch and Ward tried to force and move the opposition members who protested by questioning this. Saneesh Kumar Joseph of Congress fainted during the use of force. He was shifted to General Hospital. League's AKM Ashraf and TV Ibrahim were forcibly moved. KK Rema was dragged across the floor by six watch and wards. Rema's hand joint slipped and there is a minute fracture. It was plastered in the general hospital.

Many MLAs including Mathew Kuzhalnadan, M Vincent, and CR Mahesh were hurt. Watch and Ward was stopped by AP Anilkumar and Sajeev Joseph. Attempts to remove KK Rema and Uma Thomas also caused a dispute. Sachindev, H Salam, and others of CPM resorted to assaulting opposition members.

9 watch and ward also injured

VD Satheesan, who reached the office of the Speaker as the conflict intensified, demanded immediate withdrawal of the Watch and Ward, who are using force against the opposition. With this, the three-and-a-half-hour-long conflict was eased. Additional Chief Marshal Moideen Hussain and 9 watch and wards including five women who were injured in the conflict sought treatment at the General Hospital. Moideen said that the leg which underwent surgery was stomped by opposition members. The complaint of the women's ward is that the opposition MLAs and their staff members assaulted them.

From Notice in the House to the Speaker's Office

  • The Speaker rejected the urgent motion notice given by Uma Thomas pointing out that a 16-year-old girl was brutally attacked in Chenkottukonam, Thiruvananthapuram. The speaker said that the incident that happened a few days ago was not of urgent nature and could be presented as a submission.
  • VD Satheesan was also not given a chance to speak. The opposition then walked out of the House after creating a ruckus. The parliamentary party met at the office of the leader of the opposition and decided to hold a satyagraha for one hour in front of the speaker's office.
  • While the opposition members were squatting in front of the Speaker's office, an attempt was made under the leadership of Minister V Sivankutty, K Ansalan, and IB Satish to take the Speaker into the room near the office. Thiruvanchoor was attacked during this.
  • As the uproar grew, the marshal ordered the opposition members to be removed. Watch and Ward started using force and the opposition reacted defensively. The MLAs were grabbed by the neck and picked up. Most got kicked with boots. Some fell to the ground.
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