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Friday, 09 June 2023 9.16 PM IST

Police neglecting their duty


The ordeal of a housewife on last 13th night at Pattoor, just two kilometers away from the administrative center, is the proof of the lack of leadership in the state police force once again. How great is the sense of responsibility of the police officers, who asked the housewife who sought the help of the nearby Pettah police station to save her dignity and life after being attacked by an unknown person in the middle of the night, to come and file a complaint in person?! It took the intervention of a top police officer to even file a case, let alone to come to help.

The bitter experience of the housewife, from the Pettah police, is correcting the general perception that the police will rush to whoever approaches at night asking for help, not just women. The directive from the top is that women should not be called to the police station even to record a statement. The irresponsible police officers asked the woman, who was a victim of brutal violence by the attacker in Pattoor, to come to the station and file a complaint. There is no point in pointing fingers at the police as to what happened to them. This is often the approach of our police in the matter of many cases. In cases of urgent need of help, they may behave without any qualms. Seniors who entrust the night management of the station to subordinates should at least call occasionally to inquire about what is going on there in their absence. Otherwise, there would be a bad reputation like this. The housewife, who has no one to help her at home, took to the road on a scooter late at night to buy medicine for her headache.

Like any other city in the state, Thiruvananthapuram has also become very unsafe for women at night. Many women have been sexually assaulted in different parts of the city during the year. It is promised that the public can approach the police, in person or by phone, without any doubt in any case where they need the help of the police. As a cow in the picture of a 'cow eating grass' cannot actually eat the grass, the truth comes out only when you get down to business. Look at the case of the housewife in Pattoor. She narrowly escaped the attack from the assailant. Despite being hurt with injuries all over her body, the police refused to show mercy to her. It must be remembered that the distance from the station to the place of occurrence is not even a kilometer. Although the accused may not have stayed there until the police arrived, based on the statement obtained from the housewife, the investigation could have been started that night itself. This is the procedure followed by the police in such cases in all advanced countries. Even after a week after the incident, the police have not been able to collect even a hint about the accused. It will not surprising if this case, like many cases before it, will be forgotten without any evidence.

Two policemen who were on duty at the station on the day of the incident were suspended the other day. This past Sunday, Kerala Kaumudi brought the ordeal of the housewife to public attention for the first time. The women's commission and others came into the scene after the incident became controversial. It is not known what those who talk a lot about women's freedom and women's safety have to say on this particular issue. As it is an incident that damages the image of the government and the police, everyone will react only with great caution. Their voices can only be heard loudly in events like this happening outside Kerala.

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