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Wednesday, 04 October 2023 6.45 PM IST

Mobile phone blast kills eight-year-old girl; pay attention to these things while using phone


THRISSUR: An expert examination will be conducted in the case of an eight-year-old girl's death due to a mobile phone explosion. The phone bought by the girl’s uncle three years ago from Palakkad had exploded. Last year, the battery was changed from the same shop.

The police concluded that the phone may have exploded due to watching videos for a long time. Other details will be clear only after forensic examination. The incident took place at 10.30 pm last night in Thiruvilwamala. The dead is Adithyashree, the only daughter of former panchayat member Ashok Kumar and Soumya of Pattiparambu Kunnathu Veettil. She was a third-class student of Christ New Life School.

The girl and the grandmother were at home when the incident took place. The phone exploded when the grandmother went to the kitchen to get food. The police said that the girl’s right-hand fingers were cut off and the palm was broken.

Pay attention to these things

Don’t use phone while charging

Talking or using the phone while charging will increase the pressure on the motherboard. This will heat up the phone's circuit. This is why a charging phone heats up while using. If there is any error in the circuit, this heat can cause a short circuit and lead to the explosion of the lithium-ion battery in the phone. So, never use phone while charging.

Don’t go to sleep after putting phone on charging at night

The battery will heat up when the current continues flowing into the battery after 100 percent charge. This can lead to short circuit. Doing this continuously will cause fail the battery and leads to swelling. Such batteries are more prone to fire and explosion. If you notice such batteries, replace them with new ones as soon as possible.

Don't buy fake

Always ensure that you buy original batteries while replacing old ones. Don’t buy fake which costs much less than the original. Fake accessories do not match with the quality of the phone and there is a high chance of malfunctions and accidents.

Don’t put phone in pockets

Never put your phone in the pocket of tight jeans. This causes the phone to heat up and pressures the battery. Sometimes it can lead to explosion.

If phone gets heat up

If you notice the phone overheating while charging, stop charging immediately. Charge again only after cooling down for some time.

Fast charging

Avoid using these types of chargers if your phone does not have a fast-charging system. This can affect the phone when the voltage suddenly rises beyond the battery capacity. The battery may also lose its charging capacity.

Phone case

The cases bought to protect an expensive phone from scratches can also be the villain. The battery will heat up slightly during charging, which is normal. The phones will have holes to vent this heat. Many case manufacturers ignore this. So, if you have the habit of charging the phone while in case, stop it.

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