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Saturday, 23 September 2023 2.42 AM IST

Police are not trained to prevent crime; crores of funds used only for purchases


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The argument that scientific training is necessary for policemen in order to effectively defend against unexpected attacks by criminals and to protect the lives of others is becoming stronger.

Attention was drawn to this shortcoming when the Chief Minister said in Irinjalakuda yesterday that the police should be well prepared to deal with emergencies. Police officials say that it is the government that should take the necessary steps for this.

Prevention of Crime is taught as a paper in the Police Academy but practical training is not provided.

Police are not able to react with lightning speed and bring things under control even when non-criminals reek of aggression due to drug use. This is because they are not scientifically trained to psychologically assess situations or react quickly. The police do not even bother to search the bodies of the people who are caught and disarm them. Last day, there was an incident where a seventeen-year-old boy injured himself in front of the magistrate in Thiruvananthapuram.

There is money, but no capability

At least 250 crores are available from the Center annually for police reforms and there is also the state share. This is used to buy vehicles, wireless, computers, cameras, etc. Construction works are also in progress. Recently, 315 vehicles were purchased for 28 crores. Nothing is done to train the police and increase their capability.

Morale collapses

The morale of the police is collapsing and creating a crisis. From politicians to criminals and gangsters, everyone is challenging them. Even those in custody attack the police.

To improve the police

  • Psychological training
  • Annual physical training
  • Quick response training
  • Practicing mindfulness
  • Training syllabus needs to be changed.

Supervision eliminated; criminals become friends

The system of supervision from Inspector to ADGP has been dismantled which became a huge setback. Although nine stations have a DySP, the supervision is nominal only.

The system where four police districts had range DIGs and a zonal IGs for supervision were dismantled and IGs were made commissioners in Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi and Kozhikode cities. Zonal IGs have been de-regulated in cities. ADGPs of North and South Regions have been abolished. A single ADGP was given the charge of law and order in the state. MR Ajithkumar with this title is at the police headquarters. With this, the districts became the empire of the SPs. Politically influential officials made friends with gangsters and mafias.

"All the policemen should be given psychological training once a year to deal with emergency situations. Training sixty thousand people for at least one week will be a financial liability. Giving everyone a gun is not the solution. A quality baton should be in the hands of everyone who goes on patrol. It will help prevent violence and boost confidence. A refresher course should be given to police officers for at least two weeks once a year. It helps to understand the psychology of criminals."

-Jacob Punnoose,

Former police chief

"The cause of the problems is the gross failure of the Home Department. The Chief Minister has no control over the police. No one can talk to him. Even the DGP cannot see him. Intelligence reports are not heeded. When I was the Home Minister, I used to talk to officials and understand the problems in the districts. The syllabus was last revised during my time."

-Ramesh Chennithala

Former Home Minister

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