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Saturday, 23 September 2023 11.01 AM IST

Housewife, daughter behind wheel of tanker carrying fuel through Marayoor pass


IDUKKI: Kolanchery native Soumya, a housewife, is behind the wheel of a tanker lorry carrying petrol from Kochi through the Marayoor pass. Her husband Ananthakrishnan and daughter Lakshmi are sitting next to the driver seat providing constant support.

Munnar Marayoor Fuels' tanker is driven 200 kilometres to Kochi by Soumya. With the load in the tanker, she then returns to Munnar. She travels four times per week. Every journey earns her Rs 1800.

Soumya's husband Ananthakrishnan used to drive chemical tankers. Later, he became the driver of Marayoor Fuels. Driving through mountain ranges with a full load of fuel requires good dexterity. During the Covid era, his helper ceased showing up. He then started to take Soumya with him. Although Soumya had a driving license, she did not possess a heavy license. Thanks to the constant support from her husband, she acquired Heavy and Hazard licenses. She thus started driving the tanker.

Meanwhile, their daughter Lakshmi first boarded the tanker to visit Munnar along with her parents. She soon made travelling a habit to avoid sitting alone at home. Later, she obtained her driving license. After turning 20 last year, she obtained heavy and hazard licenses. Her father is her guru. Lakshmi, who has done many trips with fuel, wants to become a KSRTC driver.

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