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Sunday, 21 July 2024 7.12 PM IST

Four-year degree course, a change for the good 


Kerala will always be one step behind in educational reforms. According to the new central education policy, many states have ended the three-year undergraduate course and switched to a four-year course. Kerala, on the other hand, has not completed any preparations. Hence, it has been decided that implementing the changes in the next academic year will be enough. The government is of the view that at least a few four-year courses can be started this year itself if the universities are interested. University of Kerala has announced that it will start a few courses this year itself accordingly. Three-year degree courses will be available only till the current academic year. From the next academic year, four-year degree courses will be introduced in colleges under all universities in the state. An honors certificate will be given at the end of the four-year course. For students who wish to discontinue their studies at the end of 3rd year, that option will also be available. There will be a facility for further study in the same course later if they are interested. Similarly, those enrolling in the three-year degree course this year will have the option to switch to the four-year course after two years. Fourth year mainly focuses on research. Vocational training facility will also be provided.

Three-year degree course in India is not recognized in foreign countries. This is one of the difficulties faced by children who go for higher studies in foreign universities. Many people aim for better job opportunities abroad after their studies. Indian students who go abroad with a successful four-year degree course can expect better job opportunities. The four-year course has many features. After the first two semesters, one can switch to another subject that they feel is more suitable. Arts subjects of interest can be chosen along with science subjects. Courses are structured in such a way as to ensure practical training in the work fields, which is not readily available in existing traditional undergraduate education. That is why universities are often described as degree production factories.

Apart from the optional subjects, the four-year degree program also provides practical training that can be used in many areas related to daily life. Special emphasis should be given to making foreign language learning an integral part of the course. Apart from improving one's English knowledge, acquiring knowledge of languages ​​like German, Spanish and Italian is assured to help those seeking employment abroad significantly. One can gain an upper hand in the job market only by being ahead in communication. Every child should have an opportunity to choose courses according to his/her taste. Not only the universities and the teachers but also the children should be prepared to accept the new changes.

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