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Friday, 08 December 2023 12.00 AM IST

As malpractice in exams go high tech


The malpractice in the technician recruitment exam conducted by the Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre is the latest example of fraudsters taking advantage of the development in the field of communication. Malpractice is common even in class exams. The number of people who show such cheating tendencies in competitive examinations and try to secure an appointment by getting high scores is also increasing. The competitive examination conducted by VSSC on Sunday to select candidates in three branches of technical category has been canceled due to irregularities. Due to the greed of a few, the efforts and money of hundreds of candidates have been wasted. Only those who face it know the difficulty of having to retake the exam.

The reason for canceling the exam was that it was found that the questions were copied and sent out with the help of electronic devices and the answers were written. Apart from such high-tech cheating, it was also noticed that others came to write the exam for genuine candidates. Five youths have been arrested in connection with the irregularities. All are natives of Haryana. Youths from Haryana flocked to Thiruvananthapuram to write this exam. 469 people came to write the exam.

Coaching centres operating in many north Indian cities have been proven to be breeding grounds for planned cheating. The manipulations of such coaching centers in any competitive exams are increasing in recent times. Even the civil services exam is not exempt from this. Entrance exams, recruitment exams of institutes like PSC are often turned into money-making avenues by occult forces. There are even coaching centres in places like Rajasthan and Delhi that work exclusively for this.

It is known that the Kerala Police had received secret information about the Haryana students appearing for the VSSC competitive examination. But the reason for the irregularities that led to the cancellation of the examination was the failure of the authorities to prepare flawless systems to prevent irregularities. Behind all this, there are rackets that are highly skilled in conducting similar exam cheating in other states as well.

It has not been forgotten that the irregularities committed by the leaders of the ruling party's youth organization in the police constable written examination conducted by the PSC in Kerala a few years ago created a big uproar. The exam itself had to be canceled due to them getting the first ranks in the rank list. The case related to this is still dragging on. Not only here, but in many parts of the country, job scams have become pretty much common. In Bihar, former Chief Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav was caught after it was found that he took land from job candidates as bribe. In Bengal, Mamata Banerjee's Trinamool Congress is also embroiled in a similar controversy. The CBI is investigating a case related to government school teacher recruitment. Apart from this, it was found that there were large-scale bribery transactions in connection with the appointment at municipal schools. On Monday, the Supreme Court has given permission to the CBI to investigate these two cases together.

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