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Tuesday, 26 September 2023 5.16 PM IST

750 students and one Dog: Story behind Chellanam's sports star Charlie


KOCHI: A stray dog ​​named Charlie has crowned himself the sports star at St. Mary's High School, Chellanam. Whenever the physical education faculty orders students to form a line, it would be Charlie sizzling his way through students to be first in the line.

Football is another such spectacle in the school. Charlie would chase down the ball and occasionally give some small kicks. He will be omnipresent all across the ground. The case is the same for basketball and handball. However, Charlie won't dare touch the ball since the game suggests players use their hands while playing. He is never sad over not receiving the ball but finds happiness just being around the game.

Six months back, Charlie reached the school gate for the first time but had to encounter a strange welcome. The security and the faculties tried to shoo away the dog. Charlie ran away every time fearing attack, but kept on returning to the school every morning. PT instructor Emerslyn Lewis couldn’t pretend ignorance anymore. He started giving him biscuits and milk. Lewis waited no time to name the dog Charlie. A vet was informed and Charlie was subjected to vaccination.

Charlie thus found his new abode in school. Whenever the students reach the ground for the PT period, Charlie will go élan. The dog has by now grasped every command of Lewis and is working hard to beat others in being the better student among all.

Charlie has also found admirers in other faculties, especially headmistress Mini. Lewis takes care of most of Charlie's needs and bathes him every week.

There are more than 750 students in the school. Nobody has anything to complain about Charlie.

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