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Friday, 01 March 2024 10.04 AM IST

Pooja bumper illegal sale through secret websites and WhatsApp in Tamil Nadu


KOCHI: After a Coimbatore resident won the Onam bumper prize of Rs 25 crore, Tamil Nadu has seen an increase in the illegal online selling of Pooja bumper tickets. The prize money of the Pooja bumper is Rs 12 crore.

Details about Pooja bumper, including the prize structure and WhatsApp numbers to get tickets, are becoming more and more prevalent on Tamil Facebook sites and vlogs. Speed Post will be used to distribute the ticket. A single ticket costs 300, plus an additional postal charge of Rs. 50. They also deliver tickets in sets. Since it went on sale on September 23, the Pooja bumper has been in high demand in Tamil Nadu.

Many people have been taken advantage of in the past by promises of ticket purchases, including the sale of Christmas bumper. After collecting the money, the scammers would block the purchasers' phone numbers.

Illegal sale of tickets is also done through certain websites and social media accounts. Kerala Lottery Department cannot take action on illegal ticket sales in Tamil Nadu. The lottery department said that the Tamil Nadu government should take action.

Set sale

A 12-ticket set of Pooja bumper is also being illegally sold online in Kerala for Rs 1,500. Lottery tickets with consecutive digits of different sets would be made into a set and then delivered. Lottery from other districts are also collected for this purpose. It is also illegal for one person to sell more than 12 tickets as a set.

Legal Limitations

Selling lottery online is illegal under the Kerala Lottery Regulation Amendment Rule 2011 and the Central Paper Lottery Regulation Act. Only paper lotteries can be purchased by direct payment. Since the Lottery Department has no enforcement powers, it is customary to file a complaint with the ADGP to prevent illegal sales.

Pooja Bumper

Tickets sold-1,58,500

Tickets printed- 25 lakhs

Total sanctioned tickets- 45 Lakhs

Draw - November 22

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