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Monday, 22 July 2024 7.09 AM IST

BJP without leaving S Rajendran; leaders visit him at home and hold meeting; response that there is no politics in visit


IDUKKI: BJP leaders visited Devikulam former MLA S Rajendran's house. BJP Central Zone President N Hari and State Vice President Pramila Devi met Rajendran at his home. Both of them reached Rajendran's house today afternoon. Interestingly, the visit comes at a time when there are strong rumours that Rajendran will join the BJP.

There were allegations that plantation workers supporting Rajendran in connection with the Lok Sabha elections were beaten up by CPM supporters and forced to vote for CPM. BJP leaders came to Munnar to check the matter. It was after this that the meeting with Rajendran took place at his home. Meanwhile, Rajendran responded that there was no politics in the visit of BJP leaders.

Rajendran had earlier denied the news of going to BJP. "The news in the media is not an issue that affects me. The party does not harm anyone, but there are people who cause harm in the name of the party. I will wait for some time and then take a decision," Rajendran said then.

"I have not contacted state and local leaders of BJP. Such news is part of some hidden forces trying to oust me from CPM. Some leaders are trying to oust me. They are worried that they will lose their positions because of me. Not only BJP but many parties have been inviting me for two or three years."

"I have not met other leaders after meeting Prakash Javadekar. I don't know the friendship between EP Jayarajan and Prakash Javadekar. I can't work if the attitude is I can stay in the party if I want to. No one wants to lose in a personal contest. I can apologize to the party as many times as they want and I don't mind losing. Despite the intervention of the state leadership, I was deliberately kept out of the election. I was not given due importance in the election convention."

The news of S Rajendran's meeting with Kerala in-charge BJP leader Prakash Javadekar a month ago had come out with pictures. Then, there were reports that Rajendran, who had distanced himself from the CPM, would join the BJP. S Rajendran attended the LDF Devikulam constituency convention in Munnar in the meantime.

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