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Tuesday, 23 July 2024 7.14 AM IST

With 9.45 lakh pending applications, driving tests cancelled for fourth straight day


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Across the state, there are 9.45 lakh applicants for driving test and Rs 130 crore was collected from them. But the driving test has not been conducted in Kerala for the past four days, as it is caught up in reforms and protests. In the last four days alone, 10,320 people couldn't take the test.

Motor vehicle authorities are not sure if the test will resume as the driving school joint committee continues its strike. Transport Minister KB Ganeshkumar, who needs to find a solution, is on tour in Indonesia. He will return after a week.

Driving test is conducted at 86 centres in total. Till April, 100 tests were conducted per day. But from May 2, the number of tests has been reduced to 30. This led to a strike. Then the number was increased to 40 a day. But the protesters want to make it 60. Even if the strike is called off, a separate decision should be taken in the case of those who were given an advance slot but couldn't take the test.

The time limit for learners is six months. People can appear for the test after one month of securing the learner's license. The fee for learners is Rs 1450. After the limit of six months, the learners have to pay Rs 300 again and renew.

Even police couldn't make it happen

Yesterday attempts were made to conduct tests under police protection, but it failed. The protesters protested in front of the testing centres. Most people did not come for the test as it was sure to get cancelled. At other places, driving schools didn't give their vehicles for tests. Two people came for the test in Thiruvananthapuram's Muttathara with their own vehicle. The protestors stopped them but the police took them to the ground. However, they could not participate in the test as the slot was cancelled.

Circular changed again

  • According to the new circular, ground tests will be after the road test
  • The proposal not to have a second clutch and brake on the test vehicle will not be implemented for three months
  • Stipulation that vehicles more than 15 years old cannot be allowed for tests was withheld for six months
  • There is no change in the condition that the officers conducting the test should not go for the fitness test on that day

District wise driving test applications

Thiruvananthapuram - 90,000

Kollam - 70,000

Pathanamthitta - 35,000

Alappuzha - 70,000

Kottayam- 75,000

Idukki - 55,000

Ernakulam - 1,00,000

Thrissur - 80,000

Palakkad - 60,000

Malappuram - 85,000

Kozhikode - 75,000

Wayanad - 40,000

Kannur - 60,000

Kasaragod - 50,000

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