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Tuesday, 25 June 2024 6.20 PM IST

Gangsters on the loose; permanent special teams must act energetically to crack down on goons


The rampage of gangsters in the state has become a challenge to the civil life of the people. The goons are on the loose even in broad daylight in a way that reveals that the Police, who are supposed to ensure the safety of people's lives, are failing to crack down on criminals. There are glaring lapses in the use of the KAAPA Act to imprison serious criminals and the monitoring of criminals on bail and parole within their respective station limits. This is mainly what has led to the increase in gangsterism. Policemen are also under pressure due to excessive workload. Political intervention for gangsters is another factor that hinders the containment of gangsters.

In the last two weeks, there have been many gangster attacks in the state. Now that there are CCTVs in many places, the gangster' rampages are coming out including even demonic scenes of murder. This in turn makes people more fearful. The widespread dissemination of such scenes through social media and other groups has disturbed the peace of those who desire a peaceful life and raises the question of whether there is no police force here to question this. The accused who are out on bail are the ones leading the gang attacks in many places. In Thiruvananthapuram, a youth named Akhil was brutally stoned to death by criminals who were out on bail in another murder case. The fact that they committed the murder after two weeks of planning also points to the failures of the police intelligence system.

At the same time, it should also be pointed out that it is the excellence of the police that led to the arrest of almost all the suspects involved in this heinous murder within a short period of time. Even if information is received before an incident occurs, there is no vigilance on the part of the police to avoid it. The goon who threatened the housewife with a chopping knife on her neck and beat up her husband came out on bail in that case and set fire to the complainant's house. This incident also proves that the goons are not even slightly afraid of the police who file a case against them. At Aluva Chowara, the goons thrashed people including a former panchayat member at the bus stand. A man was beaten to death by goons after he intervened in a fight between a father and his son in Thrissur Cherpu. In Ernakulam, a man was stabbed to death in a dispute over his bike being parked in the middle of the road. Bomb attacks are going on in Kannur against the police.

The KAAPA Act is now almost in limbo due to interference from the top. There is an allegation that the system of saving the gangsters by deliberately making mistakes in the application to the collector to order preventive detention is strong in the police. It is also a reality that the policemen do not have time to go after the goons between VIP duty and escort. Gangsters can be reduced only if a permanent special team works vigorously in each district to monitor and crack down on the goons. Although there are already such groups, most of them are inactive. It is not enough for such gangs to wake up only when someone's life is destroyed by the wrath of goons.

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