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Thursday, 25 July 2024 3.27 AM IST

'I have never thought of becoming a parliamentarian or contesting polls'; Priyanka Gandhi reveals why she is not contesting Lok Sabha


NEW DELHI: Apart from Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi was also rumored to be contesting in the Lok Sabha elections. When Rahul Gandhi contested for the second time in Wayanad, Priyanka was expected to contest in Amethi or Rae Bareli. When Rahul Gandhi finally left Amethi and became a candidate in Rae Bareli, it is certain that Priyanka is not in the competition. Now Priyanka has openly revealed why she did not become a candidate. Priyanka revealed this in an interview given to a leading national media.

Priyanka Gandhi said that she did not enter the contest to work full-time for the Congress to fight the BJP in the Lok Sabha election campaign. Priyanka also added that it would have benefited the BJP if she was a candidate along with her brother Rahul Gandhi.

"I have been in Rae Bareli for fifteen days as part of the campaign. Rae Bareli is a constituency with long-term ties to the Gandhi family. So people here will want us to visit Rae Bareli, meet them and interact with them. Rae Bareli cannot be won by remote control. Had Rahul and I contested, both of us would have had to spend at least 15 days in our constituencies. There would be no one to take up the party's campaign and it would have benefited the BJP. So it was decided that it would be better if one of us campaigned across the country. I have never thought of becoming a parliamentarian or contesting polls. I want to work in the role given by the Congress." "If people want me to contest the elections, I will do so," Priyanka said in response to a question about this.

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