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Saturday, 20 July 2024 2.26 AM IST

Accepted huge amount as advance, backed out six days before shoot; Kamal reveals about famous actress who cheated him

Kamal is a director who has given many films including Aami to the Malayalees. He has now shared an unforgettable experience of his film career through Kaumudy Movies. He opened up about the leading actress who backed out from his film Aami just six days left for the shoot.

‘We all know the bollywood actress Vidya Balan. If asked who is the most admired actress in India in two or three decades, probably everyone will say Vidya Balan.
It may be a coincidence that Vidya Balan, who has stunned us in Hindi cinema with such strong characters, is coming in front of the camera for the first time through my film. Many know that it was the film Chakram. It was a half-finished film starring Mohanlal, Dileep and Vidya Balan, scripted by Lohitadas and directed by me. I am not saying why it got shelved.


Coming to Vidya Balan
Did the Hindi remake of the film Mazhayethum Munpe. Vidya Balan came to me desiring to act in the film while shooting for it in a studio in Bombay. She came with her father. He is a Malayali from Thrissur. Vidya was acting in commercial films at that time. She told me that she wants to act in Malayalam films.

Showed Vidya's photo to Lohithadas. He also liked it. Brought Vidya Balan to Shornur. Me and Lohi auditioned Vidya for the first time and all liked her. She was chosen as the heroine of Chakram. The shooting started in Pollachi and shot for 16 days. Some technical issues occurred during the shoot.

In the meanwhile, Dileep met with an accident. His hand was plastered and a break occurred to the shoot. So, we all went back. Lohi went to finish the script. The film stopped halfway through. After that Vidya Balan went to act in a Tamil film. It also stopped for some reason. She used to call me at times. After that, she got a chance to act with Mukesh in a Malayalam film and that also got stalled somehow.

She got an offer in a Hindi film unexpectedly. The character was good. She became a big star in bollywood with just one film and it was history.

She later turned a favourite actress of Indian audience with her excellent roles. We used to talk to each other even when she was on the top. Meanwhile, had a desire to make the life of Kamala Das into a movie. We all know the life of Madhavikutty. I tried to focus on her real life and contacted her children. Got the right to make the film.

I had Vidya Balan in my mind to portray the role of Madhavikutty. Contacted her and talked to her directly. Gave the English copy to her. She wanted to dub herself. She met an artist who knows Malayalam in Mumbai. Taught her the dialogues. There was a photoshoot and all work were progressing.

When there was just six days left to begin the shoot, her manager called me. Told me that there was a small problem and the shooting may have to be postponed. I immediately called her father and he told me that she has some difficulty in acting in this film. I got a bit tensed and they refused to divulge the reason.

The next day called Vidya Balan. She then said sorry for not being able to act in this film. I then went to Mumbai. Went to her house along with Rasool Pookkutty and talked to her. She said that there was a small problem with the script and wouldn’t the film stoke a controversy after making the film of Madhavikutty's life. She said that needs more time to think about it. Read the script again. She didn’t say anything then. The next day got a message from her saying sorry for not being able to act in my film. Even today, don’t know the reason for it. When she retracted from the film at the last moment, I was left with nothing. Had paid a huge amount as advance to her, but she had returned it,’ said Kamal.

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