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Thursday, 25 July 2024 4.26 AM IST

'High Court verdict is a major blow to the Chancellor's moves'; Minister R Bindu


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Higher Education Minister R Bindu has reacted to the High Court's decision to cancel the appointments made by the Governor to the Kerala University Senate. The Minister said that the High Court's verdict is a major blow to the Chancellor's steps to reverse developments that are the pride of all Kerala. The Minister also stated that the Chancellor's interference is casting a shadow over the higher education sector in Kerala.

"The Supreme Court has quashed the political appointments made by the Chancellor to the Senate of the University of Kerala. The High Court has quashed the process of nominating student representatives to the Kerala University Senate. The bench has upheld the government's nominations.

According to the rules, the Chancellor had to recommend four people to the Senate who excelled in the fields of humanities, science, arts and sports. The general practice is that the Chancellor nominates eligible students from a list provided by the University. However, the Chancellor nominated four people without considering any of the eight people suggested by the University. The Chancellor's nominations were made without securing any adequate qualifications.

The universities of Kerala are moving ahead by maintaining high standards and working according to norms compared to other universities in the country. The Chancellor's overbearing tendencies are creating constant problems. In a big way, they are casting a shadow over the higher education scene in Kerala.

The Government of Kerala is making efforts to lead the higher education sector of Kerala to progress with comprehensive reforms. The rise achieved by the universities of Kerala, including NAAC accreditation and NIRF ranking, reflects these activities.

The decision of the High Court is a big blow to the Chancellor's steps to reverse these developments, which are a source of pride for all of Kerala. The government's activities are aimed at protecting secular values and the democratic rights of students and others in the field of higher education. It is hoped that this verdict will help to stop creating controversies and instead foster constructive debates," said the Minister.

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