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Tuesday, 16 July 2024 8.27 AM IST

Organ Trafficking to Iran; rackets using social media to get victims; how do they operate and why do they choose Iran?


The behind-the-scenes of the 'Iran Organ Trafficking' case shows that organ trafficking and trade is not an isolated incident in enlightened Kerala. The picture of extensive organ trafficing rackets is emerging on investigation. The case exposes that in Kerala, which is leading in the country in terms of literacy and quality of life, people have to live by selling their kidneys and livers, and the Malayalis themselves are the middlemen. Kerala Kaumudi is exposing the organ trafficking rackets that have taken root across the country and the lives of the victims.

KOCHI: 'Kidney or liver can be sold or bought' All you need is a smartphone in your hand. Neck deep in debt, the first thing Sabith Nasar, an accused in the Iran organ trafficking case and native of Thrissur Edamuttam, did was to search for people interested in buying a kidney on social media.

He was surprised when a row of trade accounts appeared on the screen. When he called a number and agreed to sell, he was directed to reach Hyderabad. Sabith's statement is that he changed his decision and became an agent after talking to the middlemen there. The reason is because he was offered a commission of lakhs. Despite strict rules, organ deals continue through social media.

There are a lot of posts to sell not only kidneys and liver but also heart. Replies showing interest in buying, including from Indians, can be seen. Tens of thousands of people, like Sabith, have made a decision to sell their kidneys or livers to pay off their debts. Aiming at this, the organ trade racket is misusing social media as a new pasture beyond the hospital verandahs. The racket's involvement in social media is by various names and anonymous participants. All these are now under intelligence surveillance.

One and only Iran

'B positive kidney for sale. The price is 15,000 dollars. Contact phone number...” Anyone would be surprised to see such an advertisement on the wall in the city centre of Kochi. It would make news as well. Such advertisements are all over the walls of Tehran, the capital of Iran. Iran is the only country in the world where organs can be bought and sold. Organ procurement is coordinated by the Foundation for Special Diseases with government support. Iran describes it as an effective and safe organ trade model. Violation of the law continues under the guise of this. Trading rackets that pocket crores in no time also proliferated. Sabith Nasar is the main link in one of these rackets.

"There are two types of organ donation. One is organ donation by a living person. Another is after brain death. Organ donation after brain death should be encouraged. It is the first one that is widely happening even in Kerala. This needs to change. The government should intervene and conduct campaigns. There should be a thorough investigation into organ trafficking outside the country."

-Dr N Zulfi, former President, IMA

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