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Saturday, 20 July 2024 7.35 PM IST

Muslim League faces potential vote loss amid split with Samasta in Malappuram and Ponnani


MALAPPURAM: Muslim League is concerned that the split with Samasta will significantly reduce votes in Malappuram and Ponnani. Even if the League secures victory in both constituencies, there is a possibility of losing 5 to 10 percent of votes if Samasta tries to cause an upset.

The League's final assessment suggests that if the initial projection was a majority of more than one lakh votes in Ponnani and two lakhs in Malappuram, the current outlook is less optimistic. A majority of less than one lakh in Ponnani and less than one and a half lakhs in Malappuram would be considered a political setback. This time, CPM estimates a majority of between 25,000 and 50,000 for the League in Ponnani. In 2019, the majority in Malappuram was 2.60 lakh due to the Rahul wave.

The loss of votes will be attributed to the victory of the anti-League faction in Samasta and a shake-up in the League's base. It will also be seen as a recognition of the CPM's claim of growing influence among minorities, including in Malappuram. CPM's vote share has increased significantly in Malappuram in the last two assembly elections. Despite significant discussions around issues such as the Citizenship Amendment Act, the low turnout in constituencies where minority groups have a decisive influence remains a concern for the League. In Ponnani, voter turnout in 2019 was 74.98 percent, but this time it has reduced to 69.70 percent, a decrease of 5.28 percent. In Malappuram, turnout in 2019 was 75.49 percent, and this time it is 73.40 percent, a decrease of 2.09 percent.

Sadiqali Thangal in favour of Nadvi

Muslim League State President Sadiqali Shihab Thangal praised Samasta Mushavarangam Bahauddin Nadvi, who severely criticized CPM and leftists within Samasta. Thangal stated that Bahauddin had warned those who were leading the community towards communism from behind the scenes. He presented the Kolathur T. Muhammad Moulavi Award to Bahauddin Nadvi.

Unity between communities and within communities will require compromises. Bahauddin Nadvi is a leader who fought against communism and issued necessary warnings. In the early days, Muslim scholars were with the League and supported its ideals at many venues. Sadiqali Thangal said that leaders had instructed them to adhere to their principles.

Bahauddin Nadvi responded by saying that what the League is doing is not outside the bounds of religion. The League works to protect the rights of minorities while Samasta focuses on religious matters. He stated that he raised facts, not criticisms. The act of issuing a notice is not part of Samasta's Constitution. Nadvi said that those who sent the notice against him should be asked for an explanation.

Bahauddin Nadvi had asked Samasta for an explanation regarding the public criticism that some members were trying to get closer to the Left and that Suprabhatam, a mouthpiece had changed its policy.

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