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Tuesday, 23 July 2024 9.07 PM IST

World's largest democratic election conducted with precision; why was Election Commission criticized and shamed?


The world's largest democratic election has been concluded in India without any untoward incident. The Central Election Commission at the helm deserves full credit for making this possible with accuracy, precision and impartiality. During the election period, even leaders of prominent political parties had made false allegations against the Election Commission in an irresponsible manner. The Election Commission, which did its due diligence in a sincere and fair manner, was criticized and shamed on social media by posting pictures of the Chief Election Commissioner and its members with the caption 'They are missing'.

Such efforts will only serve to undermine India's value in front of other countries. In a press conference held at the Election Commission headquarters, Chief Election Commissioner Rajeev Kumar, Commissioners Gyanesh Kumar and SS Sandhu openly said that they were hurt by the false news spread in the country against the Election Commission. There was a similar campaign during the 2019 elections. The Chief Election Commissioner said that allegations about voter list, EVM, voting percentage and vote counting were coming in the same pattern. The Election Commission was giving correct answers every time.

It was not thought that there would be false campaign about the Election Commission. Steps were taken to prevent any move from abroad to undermine the credibility of elections in India. However, the Commission did not expect such a move from within the country. Officials inspected the helicopters, including those of Union ministers, but only a few were controversial. The Commission disposed of 90 percent of Code of Conduct violation complaints. The movement of the control unit of the voting machine was fully monitored by CCTV Camera and the counting of votes was completely recorded on video. The election results also proved that the election process, including vote counting, was transparent. It is also an election that silenced those who blamed the voting machine.

This election has also made it clear to the political parties that they should not make it a habit to spread unnecessary doubts among the people irresponsibly. A total of 64.2 crore voters exercised their right to vote in the seven-phase Lok Sabha elections. It also has the feature that 31.2 crore voters are women. The commission should make sure that the next election does not last this long. It is not desirable to have a long period of administrative stagnation due to rules of conduct.

The chief commissioner said that the selection process would be completed before the summer in future, which is generally welcomed by all. The commission also informed that the election process in Jammu and Kashmir will start soon. Political parties should also be careful not to promote false allegations that undermine the credibility of India's constitutional institutions.

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