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Tuesday, 16 July 2024 8.52 AM IST

Bail for Swapna Suresh in defamation case filed by M V Govindan


KANNUR: Swapna Suresh has been granted bail in the defamation case filed by CPM state secretary M V Govindan. The bail was granted by the Thaliparambu Magistrate Court. Swapna Suresh, the first accused in the case, did not appear in the court despite being summoned several times. The court then issued a warrant and soon she appeared today.

Swapna alleged through Facebook live that Govindan had promised Rs 30 crore through Vijesh Pillai to withdraw the allegations levelled against the chief minister and his family in the gold smuggling case. Govindan later approached the court stating that this defamed him and the chief minister. The case has been postponed to June 26.

The police had registered a case against Swapna on the complaint lodged by CPM area secretary. Swapna's plea to cancel this is under the consideration of the high court. However, Swapna responded to the media saying that she is firm in her allegations.

Swapna's allegation
Vijay Pillai said that he wanted to meet her in Bengaluru on the pretext of an interview. While going there and talking, realized that it was a conciliatory talk. Vijay Pillai said that a week's time will be given and that she should go from here to Haryana or Jaipur with her children. All facilities will be arranged there and from there she should go to Malaysia or UK and all arrangements will be made for that. He asked her to hand over all the evidences against Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, his wife Kamala and daughter Veena. They said they would destroy all the evidences.

Vijay Pillai said party secretary M V Govindan threatened that if she does not leave Bengaluru, there would be no conciliatory talks anymore and that she would be killed. She should stop speaking against the chief minister, Veena and Yusuf Ali and she should tell the people that everything she said was a lie and then leave the place. An amount of Rs 30 crore was offered to her for this. Pillai said Yusuf Ali will finish her off and asked her to be careful. Swapna in her Live also said that Vijay Pillai said that if Yusuf Ali wants, he can keep drugs in her bag and get her arrested.

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