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Saturday, 20 July 2024 2.57 AM IST

'Rahul loved me very much'; Victim does volte-face, shocking twist in Pantheerankavu domestic abuse case


KOZHIKODE: The infamous Pantheerankavu domestic abuse case, which was highly debated and scrutinized through media channels, took a major U-turn on Monday. The victim in the case has now made a volte-face saying that she was forced to make such comments at the behest of her family. The victim appeared on social media on Monday taking a reverse from her previous stance, admitting now about feeling regret for all the accusations made.

The woman's statement comes at a juncture when the CBI has intensified its investigation to bring back Rahul, who absconded after the case was registered. The woman shared the video through a YouTube profile named Neema Haridas.


“I was forced to lie to the media and police. The immense pressure made me blame a person who loved me uncontrollably. All the charges I have made are false and fictitious. I even admitted the distress to my family in taking such a stance, but I had to soon kowtow to their pressure tactics. At that time, I don’t know what to do. the dowry ploy was all my family members creation to rail against Rahul. My family brainwashed me so much and even made suicide threats to make me conform to their heinous plots. I admit that Rahul had indeed slapped me two times due to some discord. After that, I stormed to the bathroom and cried. However, the allegations including choking me with a mobile charger cable and beating me black and blue over dowry issues were all lies. Rahul even told me everything about his previous marriage to me.

Meanwhile, the victim’s father pointed to the current U-turn as a result of coercive tactics from Rahul’s family. “ My daughter is missing and she is under the custody of Rahul’s family”, said the victim’s father.

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