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Sunday, 21 July 2024 10.27 PM IST

'I am safe, ready for lie detector test'; are my parents ready for lie detector test, asks woman in Pantheerankavu case


KOZHIKODE: The victim in the Pantheerankavu domestic violence case, has released a new video, making new revelations about the case. The woman asserts in the video that she is safe and that no one threatened her to retract her testimony in favour of her husband Rahul.

"I'm staying away from home due to pressure from family members. I'm ready to undergo a lie detector test. Are my parents ready to undergo a lie detector test?" she asked.

"The Pantheerankavu police initially refused to register a case as I did not give a complaint. My family members forced me to cry and act in front of the media. The allegation that Rahul tried to strangle me using a phone charger cable is a lie. The mark on my neck has been there since my birth. It is not a mark caused by physical assault. The wound on my hand occurred when I was dancing at the reception. My family, however, told the police that the wound was inflicted by Rahul. I was not able to take a mature stand then. I feel guilty about it. I was under pressure from my father to lie to the court while recording a confidential statement," the woman said.

This is the third video released by the woman in connection with the retraction of her statement. The woman said that although she had no complaints and wanted to go with Rahul, her family intervened and made matters worse.

Earlier, the woman's father told the media that accused Rahul might have influenced his daughter to retract her statement. The woman released the video after this.

"On June 3rd, my daughter left home, saying she was going to an IT company in Thiruvananthapuram. I spoke with her regularly until June 8th. When I couldn't reach her on Sunday and Monday, I contacted her company's manager and found out she had applied for leave from June 3rd to the 21st. We then filed a missing complaint. I never expected my daughter to respond like this in the case," the woman's father told the media.

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