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Sunday, 14 July 2024 4.59 PM IST

'Nobody is forcing you, it's actually a mutual thing': Raai Laxmi comments on casting couch


Actress Raai Laxmi is well known to Malayalis through a handful of films like Rock n' Roll, Annan Thambi, To Harihar Nagar, Chattambinadu and Christian Brothers. Apart from Malayalam, the actress is active in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi films also. The actress was last seen in the Malayalam film DNA. Now Raai Laxmi has made a notable response about casting couch.

"I think there was a whole season for casting couch that was going on in the past. We all had our own opinions about it. I think not everyone's opinion is the same. We all have different experiences. I'm not saying it doesn't happen, but when it comes to me I haven't experienced it. I think it is because I got my first offer from RV Udayakumar sir who was like a fatherly figure to me but my struggles have been different compared to other people's struggles. So, if anybody is talking about casting couch... nobody is forcing you… It's actually a mutual thing, right?

It's the whole TRP thing. They're making the industry look so bad. The industry is beautiful!!! It's not bad. If there are few rotten stories. Then the whole perspective from the public will be ‘Oh, this one is like this, so the entire group is like this. So, it's badly spoken. We have so much advantage in this industry being actors. We need to be thankful and grateful for that but rather than that people are only focusing on negative things which could be 5% out of 100." The actress's response was in an interview given to the YouTube channel Milestone Makers.

Raai Laxmi has spoken about the casting couch before as well. The actress had said that producers and filmmakers exploit newcomers who are struggling for an opportunity.

“It is not easy to be an actor or to sustain in this field. If you want to make a mark you need to be true to yourself for who you are. Acting is not a joke or being an actor is not a joke because it comes with a lot of responsibilities,” commented Raai Laxmi.

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