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Saturday, 21 September 2019 5.59 AM IST

Wafa Firoz aborted without consent, hurled abuses when asked about accident, husband to divorce her


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Husband of Wafa Firoz, who was with IAS officer Sriram Venkitarman at the time of the accident, has filed for divorce. He has sent a legal notice to her. A copy of the notice was sent to Navaikkulam Muslim Jama Ath president as she is a resident of Navaikkulam. The notice has asked for a reply within 45 days of the receipt of the notice.

The notice has asserted that her way of life had affected their marriage from the beginning itself. "I was unemployed at the time of marriage. I constructed a house in the capital city with my own effort. While living abroad and here, she was un-Islamic and lived a luxurious life. She often travelled from Bahrain to her home country with her male friends. My business ran at a loss and later I obtained a job in Abu Dhabi,"

He mentioned the problems in his life from the time he got married to her and the incidents till the time of the accident. The notice has alleged that when he called her soon after the incident, she hurled abuses at him.

Meantime, in an interview to a channel she had mentioned that her husband and his family was very supportive.

Relevant points of the divorce notice

"I was unemployed when marrying Wafa. Got a job with my own effort. Constructed a house at Marappalam in Pattom in 9.5 cents of land in 2007. I spent an amount of Rs 40 lakhs for the house. There have been many disturbances in my life due to your stubbornness. However, I moved forward with patience, but you did things unacceptable to Islam.

You exposed your body parts and lived as per your wish here and abroad. You aborted without my consent at a private hospital in Thiruvananthapuram. Without any regret you lived a luxurious life after that. Travelled from Bahrain to Thiruvananthapuram without my consent. Mingled with many male friends.

My business in Bahrain ran at a loss because of your actions. Then I returned to India after leaving my business and was unemployed for two years. I flew to Abu Dhabi in September 2014. Within a year, took you and my child. You lived in Abu Dhabi as per your wish. Danced with strangers in nightclubs.

I advised you many timesbut you paid no heed to my advice and lived as per your wish. When I used to go out with my daughter, many of your male friends used to come to our flat. When I asked you about it, you tried to justify things. I informed your parents about it but they asked me to forgive you once.

It was at this time, you travelled with IAS officer Sriram Venkitaraman in my car and met with the accident. You didn’t even inform me about the accident. When I reached Thiruvananthapuram, you neither had the courtesy to call me nor see me. You called me on August 11 but did not utter a word about the accident. When I asked you about it, you hurled abuses at me. There is no point in going forward with this relationship with no mutual trust."

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