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Come to Dubai Global City and explore new, pulsating and safe adventures


Global city, Dubai is welcoming you to explore its urban attractions, grand restaurants, towering sky scrapers, sprawling shopping malls. You can shop for top global brands or spend all your time strolling around the city’s sightseeing attractions. There are a plenty of activities to enjoy such as adventure exploits and dhow cruising. You can seek the thrills of bungee jumping or other adventure options.

The common visitors to the global city however can find new thrills and break the monotony of old exploits. Adventure options such as the thrilling desert safaris are planned to offer them a differential experience in the golden city, Dubai. Have you ever experimented desert safari adventures in Dubai? If you haven’t, plan it soon… it is truly a thrilling experience that you cannot afford to miss.

Desert Safari Dubai

The Desert Safari Dubai are planned in the desert terrains of the global city. Experienced guides will offer you all timely assistance ensuring that you are safe, comfortable during the adventure session, both happy and satisfied with your adventure session.

Why Choose the Desert Safaris In Dubai?

  • Safe and thrilling experience

All the desert safari adventures are equally thrilling and safe, do not miss out on the great adventure session. You have the option to prolong your adventure, most likely as thee experiences offer great thrills. However, if you are particularly not interested in any adventure session, you can opt out of it.

  • Explore unique desert adventures

Have you explored typical desert adventures? You can enjoy a unique experience in the desert landscapes of Dubai while opting for the desert safari tours in the global city.


  • Enjoy multiple thrills - Multiple Adventures Of The Desert Safari

You can opt for multiple thrills and choose your activities. The pulsating adventures planned in the desert terrains include:

  • Camel riding

Have you ridden on camel backs before? The typical desert adventure is most enjoyable and you will love your experience atop the camel. It is a great way to start your desert safari and benefit from the great experience.

  • Dune bashing

Dune bashing is a popular desert adventure. A group of six will be seated in the air-conditioned vehicles and raced up and down the large sand dunes abruptly. The thrilling adventure is the favourite of many and you will love your experience. At the hands of the experienced, professional drivers, you are safe…Enjoy the thrills of the adventure activity.


  • Sand boarding

Sand boarding can offer you great excitement. You may not be familiar with the adventure activity. Professional guides will offer you timely instruction and you will learn to enjoy the adventure activity. You simply need to put your feet into the footholds of the sand boards and then you can glide down rapidly along the large sand dunes enjoying every moment of your delightful experience.

  • Quad biking

Quad biking may become your favourite desert activity if you try it once! You have to ride quad bikes after gaining the instructions of the professional guides. They will instruct you on riding the quad bikes and even accompany you, if necessary. But the process is simple; even women know to ride the quad bikes and enjoy their experience in the desert terrains.

  • Buggy riding

Buggy Riding can offer you good thrills in the desert terrains. In the ATV or All Terrain Vehicles, you can speed around the desert terrains based on the instructions of the professional guides. They will provide brief instructions on riding the buggies and even accompany you of necessary.


  • Choose your desert safaris at convenient hours

The desert safaris are planned at convenient hours – in the early morning hours, morning hours, noon and also in the evening hours. You can choose the safari experience at the convenient hours.

  • Packed with adventure, thrills, entertainment and fun

The adventure session of the desert safaris is packed with adventure and thrills, followed by entertainment and enjoyment. Have a riot in Dubai while opting for the desert safari experience!

  • Private safaris

Do you love privacy? If you are couples, honeymooners, family or friends groups, work groups visiting Dubai, you will want to enjoy plenty of privacy

Which is the best safari experience?

Desert safaris are planned at convenient hours. Here are the choices of the desert safaris:

  • Morning Desert Safari
  • Early Morning Desert Safari/ sunrise desert safari
  • Desert Safari Dubai with Lunch
  • Evening Desert Safari
  • Overnight Desert Safari
  • Luxury Desert Safari Dubai
  • Daylong Desert Safari
  • Extreme Dune Buggy Experience
  • Private Desert Safari
  • Private Sunrise Desert Safari Dubai
  • Evening Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner Dubai

You have safari options for your convenience; you can choose the desert safaris that best suit your requirements.


Morning desert Safaris

Morning desert safaris are planned for the early risers. These safaris are organized at the sunrise hours to offer you a great experience while the climate in the desert is pleasant. You can either opt for the sunrise desert safari organized in the early hours or opt for the morning safari. In the sunrise morning safari, you can behold the splendid desert sunrise and enjoy delicious dune breakfast served in the natural desert environs.

Sunrise Desert Safari

Sunrise desert safari Dubai is organized at the early hours of the morning. Wake up to adventures and thrills planned safely in the desert terrains of the global city, Dubai. There couldn’t be a better engagement in the global city, Dubai than the desert safari planned in the sunrise hours. You can plan an adventure session in the early hours and productively use the sunrise hours for good exhilaration. The best offering of the sunrise safari is the splendid natural scene of the desert sunrise. You can catch the brilliant view of the glowing sun emerge from the distant horizon. The scene is an ideal choice for good photographs and videos. Also enjoy the multiple adventures offered in the safari such as sand boarding, dune bashing, quad biking, camel riding, besides photography with national bird- falcon, and delicious dune breakfast.‌


Noon Desert Safaris

Desert Safari at noon hours offer you a great adventure experience and you can enjoy the delicious lunch that will be served to you. You have the option to enjoy multiple adventures.

Evening desert safari

In the evening safari with BBQ dinner , you can enjoy an adventure session at the sunset hours followed by entertainment session and lavish dinner spread. You can also enjoy Shisha smoking and henna tattooing is provided for women. The entertainment session includes belly dancing and Tanoura dancing performance. The scintillating performance is followed by a lavish Barbeque dinner buffet consisting of delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies. With its entertainment session and lavish dinner buffet, Evening safaris are great choice offering delightful experience at the sunset hours.


If you are a seasoned thrills-seeker or a new follower of adventures, book you desert safari tour soon!


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