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Monday, 25 May 2020 5.23 AM IST

Editorial - Will conspiracy behind Bulandshahr attacks be brought into light?


The social structure in several north Indian states is in such a way that a tiny spark may result in a huge communal riot. Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar are in the forefront regarding this issue. Such communal interests can be seen behind the cow slaughter issue in Bulandshahr as well. We can see such hidden interests behind every clash like this, because of the upcoming Lok Sabha polls. There are several poisonous threads in connection with the Bulandshahr issue. It has become clear that the target of the attackers was inspector Subodh Kumar, who had arrested the Hindu terrorists in connection with the murder of a common man named Akhlaq. The police have taken several people into custody including the Bajrang Dal leader who led the attacks at Bulandshahr. Cases have been charged against several other people as well. Bajrang Dal leader had complained to the police that many cows were slaughtered. Hindu groups unleashed attacks in Bulandshahr raising this issue. Subodh Kumar had reached the spot to settle the issue. Subodh was injured in stone pelting and he was murdered by Hindu terrorists while he was being shifted to a nearby hospital. Subodh Kumar was transferred to Varanasi before completing the investigation on Dadri murder case and he was deployed to handle the clash at Bulandshahr alone while other policemen pulled themselves back from the area. This has also landed in a controversy.

Several people have been murdered in Yogi Adityanath -led Uttar Pradesh in the name of cow slaughter. Innocent people are being victims of the attacks constantly in the state because the attackers are protected by the ruling party and government. The government has announced Rs 50 lakh and a job for someone from Subodh’s family as compensation. However, Subodh’s sister has clarified that they do not need this money. His family members believe that Subodh was attacked because of his involvement in the Dadri case. They also believe that the police department is also involved with Subodh’s murder. Subodh’s death reminds us of several other honest policemen’s tragic death that had occurred throughout the years. The police had raised suspicions that the slaughtered cows were brought to Bulandshahr from some other place. Bulandshahr was set to witness a Muslim organization’s celebrations on the day of the incident. Hindu groups chose this day to create a clash and this led to the suspicions that the attack was pre-planned. This suspicions have solid proof since such attacks and clashes are not are in several parts of the north India and such incidents show that citizens’ lives have no value under a government which consider cows as a ‘holy’ being. The Supreme Court as constantly reminds us that mob lynching is inhumane by declaring verdicts in several cases. However, governments fail in to resist such attacks. Attackers often get the protection while victims are denied justice. The victims of such cases always belong to the minority.

The cow meat was hung in a sugarcane farm in a village in Bulandshahr. The tahsildar, who conducted the investigation, has clarified that the minority will not risk doing such a crime. Sangh Parivar activists have huge influence in this area. In that case, it is clear that the cow meat was hung there in order to create problems intentionally. There was also an attempt to shift this meat to nearby town. There will be a usual investigation in the Bulandshahr issue as well. However, there is no guarantee that the accused will be sentenced because such cases usually lack evidences and witnesses in the court. The government may also not be interested in sentencing the accused.

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