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Sunday, 15 December 2019 1.32 PM IST

Editorial: Realise the treachery behind protest


The attempt to sabotage the project to increase the width of the National Highway to 45 metre was not started today or yesterday. For many years the attempt to block the development of the roads have been going on.

Finally, when all obstructions were removed and it was almost certain that the project will take off, a few people come out again to obstruct it in the name of environment and humanity.

Though all know the need for the implementation of the road project for the development of the State, those with vested interests are trying to spoil the project.
It is natural that many may be adversely affected by the development of the road. But creating obstructions even after land acquisitions have been done and the project was about to be implemented is not at all justifiable.

Steps have already been taken to give fair compensations to the people who land have been acquired. Now the government is not paying the fancy price but a better price that the price mentioned in the land documents of recently sold land in nearby areas.

In many cases related to land acquisition, the Supreme Court has given orders favourable to land owners. During expansion of the road, many paddy fields, houses, religious institutions, business institutions and schools will have to go. Utmost care are given to avoid inconvenience during the formation of road alignment.

However, careful the authorities may be, there will be some dispute somewhere. By making arguments in that name of environmental protection, one wiil not benefit anything other than stalling the project temporarily.

The sit-in organised by environmentalist Medha Padkar in front of the Secretariat on Thursday after rounding up people who have been evacuated for road development also showed the wrath against expansion of NH.

It is natural for activists to get irritated when the chief minister denies appointment initially, doesn’t come out for talks and openly expresses that he would not go back on matters related to development of roads. Medha later approached activists waiting outside, saying that she would approach the CPM central leadership against the chief minister’s stand.

Though the sanctity of Medha’s intention need not be doubted, it has be seen whether she had clearly conceived the facts about NH development in the State.
Here what gives room for doubt is the presence of a leader who was in the forefront in Koodamkulam strike, Vizhinjam and Thoothukkudi copper recycling factory.
When criss-crossing roads in Tamil Nadu developed to 60 to 80 metres, no protests were see. In many states in the country such road developments are happening.

In the Kerala roads are already congested and when even six lane roads would not suffice, people have to wait about one fourth of a century for 45 metre development.

The State will never reap fruits of development if it is decided that no land acquisition can be allowed. Environmental extremism have to a great extent badly affected the State. It is the necessity of all people to complete NH development at the earliest. Those who make new entries in the protest scene, whoever they be, to throw spanner in the developmental works, whoever are harming the State. People should realise the deception behind it.

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