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Saturday, 17 April 2021 5.22 AM IST

Brinda Karat hits out at BJP-RSS & Cong for 'exploiting' women


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Women in Kerala have scripted history by erecting a "human wall of resistance" against the dark forces, CPI(M) leader Brinda Karat said here Tuesday as she hit out at the BJP and RSS for exploiting women to achieve their 'toxic political goals.'

Addressing women who had gathered at Thiruvananthapuram, where she was the last link of the 620 km-long wall,she lashed out at right-wing political parties and said those who had opposed social reformers like Ayyankali,Sree Narayana Guru and Mannath Padmanabhan have 'reincarnated' as BJP-RSS workers.

"Those who opposed the social reformers, those who stoned reformers like Ayyankali and Padmanabhan and Sree Narayana Guru have reincarnated in the form of RSS and BJP. They want to derail the social secular society of Kerala," Karat said.

She alleged that the saffron party was using women for its "toxic, divisive, anti-women political goals' and asked women not to be the pawns in the hands of those who have no thoughts about the future of women.

"If you worship Ayyappa and you believe in a particular form of worship, we respect that.

But if some other women want to have a direct darshan of Lord Ayyappa, the Supreme Court has said that to prevent them was unconstitutional.

How can you stop them? We respect your beliefs, but please understand that today the RSS and BJP are using you.

They are using you, not because of their religious sentiment. They are using you for their toxic, divisive, anti-women political goals," she said.

The CPI(M) polit bureau member also questioned the stand of right-wing parties on women's protection and upliftment and hit out at RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat.

"The RSS and the BJP and all the reactionary forces who are being mobilized by them, what is their record on women's rights? Who is Mohan Bhagwat? He says women are responsible for crimes against them.

Who are these people to talk of women's rights? They go to the courts and meet the Godmen who are accused and guilty of raping women", she said.

"They are those people who, when young women are sexually assaulted, blame them for the dress, for the way they eat, the way they make friends.

This is the force that is coming here today in Kerala and exploiting the beliefs", she said and appealed to women to rethink and reconsider.

"Hold on to your beliefs if that is what you want, but do not become the pawns in the hands of those who have no thoughts about you or your future generation," she said.

Patting the state government for taking a strong stance on women's rights,Karat said Kerala was showing the way to the rest of the country on various human development indices.

She also lashed out at the main opposition Congress, saying it was speaking the language of the RSS in the morning and changing it to that of the Muslim League in the evening.

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