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Friday, 25 June 2021 8.46 AM IST

Nehru and Congress responsible for Indo-China conflict: Madhya Pradesh CM


RAIPUR: Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan alleged that the then prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru and the Congress are responsible for the border conflict between India and China.

He also attacked Congress top brass over donations allegedly received by Sonia Gandhi-headed Rajiv Gandhi Foundation (RGF) and accused former party chief Rahul Gandhi of "demoralising" the Army with his statements.

"No Prime Minister from the Congress party had ever dared to build a road on the Indian side adjoining China. Why China is frustrated now? "It is because Narendra Modi government has constructed roads on borders.

China is frustrated because it is thinking that if India continues to grow then it will be the only country in the world which can defeat them," Chouhan said while addressing a virtual rally of BJP workers of Chhattisgarh from Bhopal.

He also warned China of consequences for its actions against India.

"...China be careful. You (China) cannot cause any harm to India but if 130 crore people of this country (show their resolve) then China will be devastated and ruined," the chief minister said.

From the recent face-off in the Galwan Valley in Ladakh, China must have understood very well that contemporary India is not what it used to be way back in 1962, he said.

"India is now being led by Narendra Modi. Our PM has clearly said that we never provoke anyone, but we will also do not compromise if anyone provokes us.

"Our Army personnel have taught a strong lesson to China and given a befitting reply to Chinese soldiers (in the Galwan valley). I bow my head to our brave soldiers who have sacrificed their lives," he said. Chouhan said a new India with a different identity is emerged under the leadership of Modi.

"...Recall those days when China used to show eyes (aggression) to India while Pakistan, Sri Lanka and other small countries used to threaten us.

Have Congressmen forgotten who had raised the slogan of 'Hindi-Chini bhai bhai' in this country? "Nehru ji kept on raising the slogans but did not realise when China entered our borders (in 1962)," he said.

"A member of parliament had raised the issue (of China occupying Indian land during the 1962 war while speaking in Parliament), to which Nehru had replied saying 'what we should do with a piece of land where not a single blade of grass grows'.

"'That MP then pointed at Nehru's head and said nothing grows on your head, so should it be thrown away considering it as useless?' Nehru's statement shows his and the Congress party's thinking towards our holy land which was termed by former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee as 'jeeta Jagta Rashtra purush'," Chouhan said.

He alleged that it was Congress which gave birth to Indo-china conflict.

"Modi ji will now find its permanent solution," the CM added.

He further attacked Congress over the allegations of donations received by the RGF from China in 2005-06.

"Sonia Gandhi ji should clarify about the Congress' connection with China...Due to a mistake committed by one family, China occupied 43,000 sq kms of land of India. The Congress should apologise to the nation," he added.

BJP president J P Nadda had alleged that the RGF, which is headed by Sonia Gandhi, received donations every year from the Chinese embassy between 2005-09 and from the "tax haven" of Luxembourg, which is full of "hawala transactions", between 2006-09.

Chouhan also targetted Rahul Gandhi, saying the latter's comments on the Indo-China border conflict are "demoralising" to the Army.

"The Congress has committed a sin and offence by demoralising the Army. Rahul Gandhi asks questions. Rahul Baba when you will get wisdom? Your mental age does not seem to have grown beyond five or seven years. How unfortunate that the Congress party has got such a leader. The country will not forgive Rahul Gandhi and his party," he added.

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