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Monday, 25 September 2023 2.28 AM IST

Oommen Chandy served with squash instead of buttermilk during a wedding sadya; after having it Kunjoonju made a hilarious comment


Occasions of marriage and death are the weaknesses of Oommen Chandy. Those who knows him is aware of this fact. Oommen Chandy has even postponed a cabinet meeting in order to attend the marriage ceremony of a local party worker’s son. Oommen Chandy’s policy is to stand with his dear ones at occasions od their grief and happiness. This is how he becomes different from other political leaders.

Recently, Oommen Chandy attended a Congress workers marriage. When the enthusiasm and rush with his arrival increased, he was served with squash instead of buttermilk in the wedding sadya. Rice tastes sweet! Without saying anything Oommen Chandy had it. After the feast when asked about the dishes, Chandy said I doubt the buttermilk tastes sweeter than sour.

Oommen Chandy is acting as the brand ambassador of Puthupally for the last 50 years. Coming 17th he will set a milestone; representing Puthupally consecutively for the 11th time. Even at the national level, no other Congress leader has set such a unique record. He even named his home at Thiruvananthapuram as Puthupally house.

Even the midst of hectic schedule, Oommen Chandy devotes Sundays to his constituency. Either by Saturday evening or by Sunday early morning he will reach Puthupally, only the lock down period has caused a temporaray halt to this habit of Oommen Chandy. But even during lockdown Oommen Chandy was at his ‘Puthupally house’ in Thiruvananthapuram. The people of his consistuency is wondering over the fact that Chandy is staying at home due to covid-19 regulations despite inviting him for marriage and death ceremonies.

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