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Tuesday, 22 June 2021 7.37 AM IST

EDITORIAL: Get set for Covid vaccine


It’s a great relief for many countries including India to hear the reports that the Covid vaccine tests that were suspended following the volunteer contracting anonymous disease has resumed after following all precautionary measures.
The only expectation is in vaccines as no medicine has yet been found effective for Covid.
UK’s Pharma giant AstraZeneca and Oxfor University Saturday said it had resumed a Covid-19 vaccine trial after getting the all-clear from British regulators, following an interruption caused by a UK volunteer falling ill.
“Clinical trials for the AstraZeneca Oxford coronavirus vaccine, AZD1222, have resumed in the UK following confirmation by the Medicines Health Regulatory Authority (MHRA) that it was safe to do so,” the company said in a statement.
Research and experiments to find out the vaccine in different parts including the developing country are going on. In India, the effort is going at governmental level and other levels to develop a vaccine.
The decision to resume the vaccine trial was taken only after studying the pros and cons of the situation. Since India is also part of the Oxford experiments, India is also waiting anxiously for its success.
Union Health Minister Dr Harsha Vardhan has informed that if the trial test is a complete success, it would be possible to roll out the vaccine in India by March next.
He had said the best vaccine developed will be used since many labs are conducting tests and more over he would be the first person to receive the vaccine to clear the apprehensions among people.
This is an honourable thing. This announcement will be instrumental in removing the fears in the minds of very many people.
Those holding seat of powers should turn model like this through their actions.
However, to make vaccine accessible to the people on priority basis will be a tedious task, which needs hard work of health workers and planning. The expense for this will also be very huge. But governments will find out a way. For this they will have to rehash their annual budgets.
The third phase trial of the vaccine is going on and it will reach the market only after the completion of one more phase. The Serum institute of Mumbai will restart the trial within two days.

India has become the country with the second highest Covid cases after America..
Meantime, people will have to wait at least for another six months to see the realisation of Covid vaccine. In India the vaccine trial has reached only the second phase but in Oxford’s third phase trial, India is also a part of the experiments
In the case of Russia, it claimed to have brought out the vaccine but it was not accepted by the medical community, which doubted its authenticity. This was because they completed trial without taking sufficient time
Until the vaccine arrives, people will have to strictly follow Covid protocol. That is the only way out. But in the highly literate state, let alone other states, every day thousands are getting caught by the police for not wearing masks.
While pharma companies and developed nations are vying with one another to conquer the world market of vaccine now itself. Meanwhile, China which released the virus into the world, is making use of this opportunity to keep their new friends such as Philippines, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan and Nepal by their side and supply them with vaccine, when it is developed.

China is also seeing this as an opportunity to make amends for it disastrous blunder it committed in letting loose the virus.

World health organisation, which is supposed to give guidelines in the vaccine issue is almost deadpan.
Meanwhile, America has distanced itself from the WHO, alleging it be China-biased.
The WHO is also not being able to issue guidelines over vaccine. It is the poor nations that will have to face the consequences of this.

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