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Thursday, 22 October 2020 8.59 AM IST

EDITORIAL: Injustice in Plus Two Admission


The Plus Two admission process in Kerala is to end soon. By the time the first two phase allotments were completed, the seats were almost full. Only 682 seats are vacant. This does not mean that all the applicants got admission. There were 2,80,522 seats for single window admission. It should be noted that the number of students who qualified for higher studies and passed the SSLC examination was over four and a half lakh. 4.76 lakh children have applied for Plus Two.
Government-aided schools have 2.80 lakh seats. Most of the remaining students will join CBSE schools. Those who do not get admission there too will wander for seats and eventually land in parallel study centres. This is the bane of the continuing tendency to increase the pass percentage without developing the infrastructure. Plus Two seats do not increase as the pass percentage increases. There should also be development of basic infrastructure accordingly.
Finding temporary relief by increasing the fixed percentage of seats is a tight rope walk.
Unusual change in the allotment process this year is undermining the right of children to choose their favourite subject and preferred school. Usually, students were given the opportunity to choose the school and subject after the usual main allotments. Supplementary allotments were held in previous years after the completion of this process.
There will be many students who would be forced to take in a subject they do not like despite getting high marks. Similarly, they need not get the school of their choice in the first allotment. It was for such children, the option to change the subject and school after the main allotments was provided.
This time, it has been decided that the opportunity for this need to be given only after supplementary allotment.
Children who got admission could have changed subject and school after joining the school earlier. This time only admission through the single window has been completed. As the schools did not open, there was no opportunity for changes through schools.
The new reform in the admission process has eliminated the possibility for many gifted children to study their favourite subject at the school of their choice. Students who get admission through supplementary allotment will have more opportunity to choose better subjects this time.
The new changes are a source of great frustration for students who stands top in the merit list. Once the admission process begins, there is usually no change in the declared procedures. If there are plans for it, it should be notified in advance. The unilateral change in procedures without notification is not in line with natural justice.
No sincere efforts are going on to resolve the issues that constantly pop up in connection with Plus two entrance.
What is seen is a scramble for taking some steps as the admission procedure nears.
The Education department has the statistics of the students who appear for SSLC exam. There are also details of the number of Plus seats.
The government has the obligation for providing education infrastructure for students who want to go for higher studies.
If the government makes an assessment of the number of more Plus Two seats needed, it would be able to avoid the confusion and ambiguity during the admission time.
In the post-graduate admission also, there should be proper planning and follow-up action for this.
The number of seats for graduate courses in the State will never tally with Plus Two pass per cent age. Though there are many universities, they are not able to foresee the student study requirements.
This time student who usually take admission in other states will seek admission in the State due to Covid situation. The government will have to provide opportunities to these students for higher studies this time.
Like in other sectors, the pandemic has brought the education field also to a standstill. Uncertainty over reopening of schools and colleges is there.
The Centre has given permission for reopening educational institutions in phased manner. But a final decision in this regard has been left to schools and colleges. As Covid transmission has reached its peak, the government is not even able to think about reopening educational institutions.

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