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Monday, 06 December 2021 11.17 PM IST

Kerala and Communism – Though Communism has undergone changes, there is still hope for it in Kerala


Chattampi Swamikal has logically proved that Kerala was not a piece of land created by hurling his axe into the sea. Swamikal makes a fact-based clarification that the story was cooked up by the then priest class to establish 64 Brahmin homes in Kerala and create the impression that Kerala belonged to them.
Anyone will understand that this is true while making a scientific analysis of facts. This is because till 200 years ago none other than Kshathiryas and Brahmins had right on any land
Christians and Muslims also had the same fate of backward classes except that they were not put under the category of Untouchables.
A big change in this attitude was non-violently brought about by Sree Narayana Guru. He spread the rays of his meditation against the darkness of caste system.
It was during the fag end of Guru’s life period that Communism sprouted in Kerala. The wind of Russian Revolution in October 1917 also embraced Kerala.
In 1930s R K Shekharan and Ponnara Seedharan were its founders. But what took deep root in Kerala was the Communist party formed by N C Sekhar and EMS.
The Communist party took birth on January 26, 1940. It was P Krishna Pillai’s activities that gave the impression among the supressed lot that Communism was the rise of a new liberation. No one can forget EMS, AKG and Sugathan in this context.
When first communist cabinet came into existence in Kerala in 1957, even America looked at India with amazement.
In Kerala also Communism committed some flaws. It didn’t take forward the anti-caste fight Guru had begun. This was the biggest flaw. Communist party continued the practice of allowing upper class people to be in top positions in party.
This created doubts in many whether the party was also following casteist line.
At that time SC/ST people who worked in paddy fields didn’t get any land. That was the truth, despite slogans and philosophies in their favour.
The land seized from aristocratic landowners were given for lease to the landless and the leaser became the boss. If the land had been given to SC-ST groups then, the agriculture bills would have been meaningful and revolutionary. At that time, there was sufficient land for all SC-ST families but it was not given.

Even today, the government is giving 2 to 3 cents to SC-ST after purchasing it. This is a big failure of the Communism in Kerala.
But we can’t forget the fact that Achuthanandan and Pinarayi Vijayan could become chief ministers only because of the party.
The Communist party’s split in 1964 made it CPM and CPI. With that it concentrated more on vote-bank politics rather than doing justice to ideologies.
Nevertheless, during Left rules, corruption was less and this is what gave some relief to people. Now it seems that has also changed
In the foundation of this party, there are sacrifices of many people who have dreamt of a new world.
It is not something that can be undermined by the leaders’ sons and daughter-in-laws. It’s high time that party got ready for introspection. But still there is scope for Communism in Kerala.

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