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Saturday, 28 November 2020 11.33 AM IST

Will capital punishment put an end to corruption?


This may never happen. Still it is something people who get fed up with corruption would desire for. That wish was heard aloud from Madhura Divison bench of Madras high court.
The petition filed by one Surya Prakasam of Chennai came up for hearing before a Division Bench of Justice N Kirubakaran and Justice B Pugalendhi. The petitioner claimed that there are no adequate centres in government to procure paddy directly from farmers and hence he sought additional facilities for the benefit of farmers. Further, the petitioner accused the officials of taking bribe of Rs 40 for a bag of paddy in procurement centres.

In a counter affidavit, an official from the Tamil Nadu Civil Supplies Corporation refuted the claims of petitioner and stated that a total of 862 procurement centres have been existing in the state and efforts are underway to increase the procurement centres. The official also denied the allegation of graft at procurement centres and added that six special teams, formed to monitor and check any wrongdoings, initiated action against 105 officials so far.

Taking a serious note of these statements mentioned in the counter affidavit, which the bench opined that it could not be accepted, asked if irregularities had not occurred, why action was taken against those 105 officials and warned that those furnishing incorrect facts would be summoned.

Further, the bench called bribery as dangerous as cancer. Where the act of bribery is taken in a lighter vein and those shunning bribery are teased as they do not know how to survive, the bench questioned why the corrupt officials should not be hanged. The bench also questioned the government’s action against those 105 officials and about the number of cases filed against them
For farmers what is important to sell out their far produce at any cost and it is this helpless that certain officials are exploiting.

Among corrupt states, Tamil Nadu is in the forefront. As corruption became an accepted practice, people also started getting accustomed to it.

Anywhere in the country there are corrupt officers. There is no point in claiming that bribery can be annihilated if laws and punishment are made harsh. If that had been true there would have been no instances of murder or gang rape in the country since such crimes can invite even capital punishment. Even in countries with brutal punishment methods in place, such crimes are relentlessly continuing. That means it would be impossible to have zero corruption in any country

Setting right politics must be the first step in reducing corruption in the country. The role of politicians in turning officials into corrupt people is huge. Corruption will be less in the departments of non-corrupt ministers.
Most people will not dare to indulge in corruption if they are caught. Officials will not dare to do illegal things if politicians do not come to protect them. There is no doubt that the cleaner the politics, the cleaner will be the bureaucracy.
The Center is getting ready to amend the Indian Penal Code. States have been invited to make suggestions on it. It also aims to strengthen laws related to women's safety.
The sad truth is that despite the high emphasis on women's empowerment, even the current stringent laws often do not come to their support.

In rape cases, the Supreme Court has ordered that the trial be completed within two months of filing a chargesheet in rape cases. In how many cases is it being obeyed?
Sabotaged cases are ten times the convicted cases. Some of the cases that have rocked Kerala are examples. For instance, even though years have passed, the trial in the controversial actress' case is yet to be completed.
Fearing the undermining of the case, the government and the victim have had to approach the higher court. In many instances the final conclusion of the case very much depends on who the decedent is.

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