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Wednesday, 23 June 2021 2.16 AM IST

BJP gets a whopping victory in Bihar; if they take out ‘plan b’ Nitish’s fate would be uncertain


PATNA: The results of the ongoing vote counting for 2020 Bihar polls, would make one remember the Bihar polls held five years ago. At that time, when Nitish Kumar was contesting with the grand alliance, BJP was ahead in the initial phase of vote counting. Anticipating victory party workers started celebrations with the distribution of sweets and bursting firecrackers but when vote counting progressed further, the results changed towards the side of the grand alliance and at last when BJP’s defeat was certain, party leaders justified the celebration citing senior leader A K Advani’s birthday. As sweet revenge to that incident, after five years BJP has proved its strength in the state, with an unexpected victory.

BJP, which has already crossed RJD to become the largest party in Bihar assembly, has also led NDA to a comfortable margin to form the government, thus the party is on cloud nine now. Even when exit poll results favoured grand alliance, results prove that people’s choice was with BJP. Bihar’s poll results provide solace and high hopes to party for the following reasons:

Modi’s response to covid 19

The unexpected spread of the pandemic and the lockdown induced by it was a new experience for the people. The migrant labourers from Bihar were the worst victims of the lockdown which hindered the livelihoods of the common people. Media outlets were thronged with the news of migrant labourers who were going back to their homelands by foot. Therefore, it was expected that these migrant labourers would raise a severe threat to BJP in Bihar polls. India’s economy also bore the brunt of financial stagnation created by covid-19. All opposition parties including Congress expected that these factors would create an anti-incumbency wave in Bihar. But the unexpected victory of BJP not only in Bihar but in all states where by-polls were held gives great comfort to Modi government.

‘Ache din’ for Congress far away

The Congress which was gearing up for a comeback in the Hindi heartland had high hopes in Bihar. Compared to previous state polls, this time Congress has demanded more seats from the grand alliance. But as grand alliance couldn’t take off well, Congress has received another jolt reaffirming its inability at the national level. The grand old party which is devising strategies for UP assembly polls, would have been more confident if it has secured victory in Bihar.

Will BJP’s ‘plan b’ affect Nitish Kumar?

Till now BJP was not able to cling on to CM’s post. Even though NDA has come to power in 2015, the state BJP leadership was silent over the towering personality of Nitish Kumar. In the initial phase, even the centre showed subservience towards Nitish, but as Modi became more powerful demand was rising within the party to control Nitish Kumar.

This time BJP even hatched a ‘plan b’ for electoral ties with LJP. State BJP leaders also hatched a strategy to form the government by partnering with Chirag Paswan. Experts say that Niteesh won’t attempt for more bargaining under the present electoral situation.

Caste politics took a backseat, youth proved their strength

The frustrated youth of the state who lost their jobs due to covid induced lockdown was actually voting against Nitish Kumar. The unemployment rate was 46.6% in 2020 April, last year, it was 10.3 per cent. This shows the gravity of the scenario of job loss in the country. The pre-poll prediction that youth coming back from other states after losing their jobs would be the deciding factor this time.

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