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Saturday, 28 November 2020 10.54 AM IST

When lotus blossom in Tripura and Bihar, do state leaders impede BJP’s rise in Kerala?


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Tripura, where BJP considered it as impossible to penetrate, Biplab Kumar Deb has hoisted BJP’s flag in the state, ending the decades’ long hegemony of left parties in the state. On Tuesday, when Nitish Kumar and his party reached rock bottom, it was BJP which took NDA to rose in power in Bihar and it also repeated the fete in all assembly constituencies where by-polls held last week.

Among the by-poll constituencies, BJP was able to secure an unexpected victory in Telangana. But the party workers in Kerala are disappointed over the fact that they are only able to celebrate the party’s victory in other states and not in their own state. They believe that despite a conducive political atmosphere, the party is not able to translate them to votes because of the in party politics in the state leadership and the infighting among senior leaders.

No victory, even after getting more votes

BJP unit in Kerala is finding solace with the increase in vote share witnessed in every election at the same time the party leadership is puzzled over the fact that why the vote share is not getting converted to victory. Even though the party was able to secure Nemom assembly seat in 2016 polls, it was not able to repeat the same again in the polls held in the state thereafter. In the previous Lok Sabha polls, Sabarimala issue created a favourable condition for the party’s victory but its benefit was reaped by UDF. BJP was beaten up in the street and landslide victory stood with UDF—this was the state of affairs in 2019 Lok Sabha polls.

Inefficient leaders

Despite not winning at least one seat in the previous Lok Sabha polls, the state leadership of the party has always been a headache for the central leadership of the party. Even the people are having an image that party leaders are always engaged in fistfights even for getting a share of political power. As local body polls are around the corner, the party vice president Shobha Surendran lashing out against the state leadership via media have severely dented the party’s public image. The feud between senior leaders of the party and state leadership is an ongoing issue, at the same time, central leadership is also dissatisfied over the public reaction of certain state leaders against the state leadership.

When guests become the key players

Senior leaders are also disappointed over the central leadership for ignoring them and other party workers for not considering for key appointments and employing defected leaders from other parties to top positions in the party. They are also frustrated with the top party positions received to outsiders like A P Abdullakutty, Alphonse Kannamthanam and Tom Vadakan. Senior leader PM Velayudhan has openly expressed his displeasure over such appointments.

Apart from these factors, the party’s attempt to penetrate the minority vote bank in the state has been largely unsuccessful and they still rest with LDF and UDF. Therefore only if the leaders stand together then only BJP can reap any electoral benefits from the state.

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