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Wednesday, 23 June 2021 2.33 AM IST

‘Hello, are you satisfied’, the first message, accused in PPE kit tried to assault me in fourth floor of hospital, says victim


KOZHIKODE: The victim in covid patient assault incident has alleged that even after complaining against the accused the doctors have not taken any action against him. The victim, who was constantly bothered by the accused with his ‘sexist’ messages, approached doctors with a complaint against the accused but the doctors turned her down saying that her plaint will be only considered next day morning.

The woman who was turned positive for covid 19 was admitted in the hospital on Thursday. On Sunday, her parents were also admitted in the hospital after they were also tested positive for the pandemic. Her father was lodged in a room on the first floor. The woman got the message—are you satisfied, in her phone after she came back to her room following making arrangements for her mother’s lodging in the hospital. The rest is explained by the woman herself.

“I asked about the sender’s whereabouts. That man (accused) said that I have sought his help. I asked him what help have I asked him. He told me that he has helped me to change my room. I asked him why did he send me the message via Whatsapp at this late hour. He again sent me the message asking me that if am trying to ignore him even after helping me? In the meantime, he has also told me that his duty is over for the day and he got my number from some body else as he needed to contact me.

As he constantly bothered me with his messages, I showed his messages to the doctors working on the fifth floor of the building. They told me that it might be sent by someone else through the web. If they had intervened at that moment the accused may not have attempted to assault me. They were forced to take action against the accused when I and other victims, who somehow escaped from such assault attempts lashed out at the doctors.

After showing the messages to them, I went back to my room. Later he called me at 11.31, a missed call which had a duration of 29 seconds. After some time, a man in a PPE kit came to room telling me that doctors on the first floor would like to see me. I went with him, thinking that the doctors might have called me to talk about my complaint. I was on the third floor. But he pressed the button for 4th floor when we entered into the lift. He told me doctors are on the fourth floor.

But when the lift was opened on the fourth floor it was surrounded by darkness and he pushed me out from the lift. It was a desolate area. He told me that he wants to talk with me and asked not to insult him. I asked him to keep the distance if he wants to talk to me. When he went away from me, I ran into the lift and went down. I rushed to the doctors and told them about the ordeal. When other patients stood with me, the doctors became defenceless. After that, doctors filed a complaint against him in Attoli police station,” the complainant said.

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