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Saturday, 28 November 2020 11.29 AM IST



Parties that have been in power for a long time will be reluctant to learn lessons from the past. For them, failures do not matter as they take pride in legacy and wallow in the glory of past achievements. Therefore they care little for flaws.

Congressmen have ruled India and especially Kerala for a long time. Any child today knows that the power of the party is on the decline now.

The intention of this editorial is not to analyze the shortcomings and problems of that party. We had given K S Prasanna Kumar's report as the main story of Kerala Kaumudi. It gave a detailed account of the leaders of the backward community including Ezhava who were sidelined by the party while chosing the candidates for the local body polls.

This might have irritated many circles. No one should try to suppress the Guru’s followers when they speak out biting reality, citing that Guru was against caste.

The Guru has firmly pronounced that there should be no caste discrimination. We make this criticism in the light of that statement.

If we do not say this now, they will trample us like they do to the sea shores in the future.

The last Ezhava Chief Minister of the Congress, was R Shankar. It has been 56 years since he resigned in 1964. After that the Congress has had no chief minister from the Ezhava community. During Shankar's tenure as chief minister, 22 aided colleges were allotted to the community.

Until then, the number of colleges allowed was just three. There is one thing that community members need to understand from this. There is no benefit to the community without the presence of community members in the executive position i.e. Chief Minister or Minister. Not even a small transfer is possible, let alone promotion and higher ranks.

The Kerala Congress was formed after the tenure of R. Shankar. When the Kerala Congress was formed by the upper caste and Christian group of Hindus, they had a secret agenda that Kerala should no longer be ruled by an Ezhava Congress representative.

They are doing exactly that. The fact is that the 22 colleges allotted during Shankar's tenure had contributed to the uplift of the Ezhava community in education sector today. This should not be overlooked by even the community members who have a tendency to jeer at those who stand for the community’s progress. No one should forget this

Until the 1990s, the Congress party had a long line of community leaders. K.K. Viswanathan, K.P. Udayabhanu, Vayalar Ravi, CV Padmarajan, Vakkom Purushothaman, KP Viswanathan and others. Later it started diminishing. VM Sudheeran who became the KPCC president was the High Command nominee.

And now it is Mullappally Ramachandran. They give weightage to their personal image rather than the community’s image.

This is the nature of many high-ranking members of any community. So there is no point in blaming these above leaders alone. But in deciding the final list of candidates, the Congress has crossed all limits.

The Congress, which is contesting 17,000 of the 22,000 local body seats, has allotted less than 600 seats to the Ezhava community. The seats for Vishwakarma is below fifty. Other backward community members are also missing from the list. As there are SC/ST wards, they could not be avoided.

The Congress is contesting in 86 seats in the 100-ward Thiruvananthapuram Corporation. The Ezhava community members are only in six seats. How many of these will win? Only results can tell that.
To sum up, the strategy is to wipe out the community from the hierarchy of power.
Even in the appointment of Congress constituency, block and DCC office bearers discrimination was shown against the Ezhava community.

In the previous assembly only, Adoor Prakash was there in the community where as in the assembly before that, there were Adoor PRakashan, K Babu and Achuthan. Another Congress strategy is to field Ezhava candidates in the by-elections from places where they are unlikely to win. Community members should open their eyes and see all this.

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