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Friday, 05 March 2021 11.06 PM IST

Regulating left govts from AKG centre during secretaryship is an old story; this is what happens in advisor-laden Pinrayi government


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The cabinet meeting held on Tuesday has recommended the governor to issue a repealing ordinance to withdraw the controversial Kerala police amendment. It is an uncommon and strange move from the Pinarayi Vijayan government, to implement stringent police regulations in the sate through the controversial police act amendment, which no left front government has done in Kerala ever before and that too from a political party which always upheld individual liberty and fought against police raj in the streets has invited harsh criticisms from various corners. Those who understood the party’s functioning has been puzzled over the fact that whether the party’s influence in the government has eroded to that extent.

Party above the government

The party has always used its organisational ability to regulate the government. CPM was always determined to put an end to bureaucratic autonomy. The decision on files that reach before the cabinet was only taken after considering the party’s stand on the issue concerned. Sub-committees were constituted by the party to advise the government on policy decisions. The available state secretariat meeting which was held in the party’s Thiruvananthapuram office every Friday also made their observation on the government’s crucial administrative policies. Cabinet meeting only took key decisions after this process.

Stringent control over VS

CPM had a time when the party workers had to enter into the streets to demand election ticket for V S Achuthanandan. When the party formed government using the popular leader’s political clout, he was made a weak chief minister denying important portfolios to his confidantes. Apart from this the government also appointed a five-member panel to evaluate the government’s decisions.

Party’s ‘loose control’ over Pinarayi

Pinarayi Vijayan became the Kerala Chief minister after helming the party’s secretary post for three consecutive terms. The Kannur politician who maintained the image of a strong leader took effective measures to curb internal factionalism and earned praise among party workers. But when he went on to head the state, Party’s influence in the government started going down gradually. When Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, his trusted man became the party secretary, Pinarayi Vijayan became an unquestionable chief minister in the party. Now, there are leaders and workers within the party, who hold the opinion that police act amendment is the result of advisor laden administration of Pinarayi government. Sources say the controversial legislation is the result of ill-thought advice of CM’s advisors in the field concerned.

Earlier moves were made to transfer other minister’s administrative powers in the chief minister’s hands. The decision to gave judicial powers of collectors to police has also stirred up another controversy. Along with this, the allegation over police act, that it intends to shut down media houses which are critical to the chief minister is a shot in the arm of Pinarayi government.

When Pinarayi Vijayan was party secretary he scrutinised almost all cabinet decisions of left governments. Similar was the case with former party secretary Chadayan Govindan who evaluated the cabinet decisions of Nayanar government. But now, the party secretary and other leaders are forced to justify the police ordinance, giving an opportunity to the public to make funny trolls on the haphazard condition of the party that have further raised concerns among the party workers.

It is the first time in the history of the cabinet system in the state, that after passing an ordinance, another ordinance is passed to withdraw the first one. The move comes after public anger raised against the draconian law. It was the chief minister himself who presented the repealing ordinance on the cabinet meeting held on Tuesday and other ministers rendered support. On October 21st it was the chief minister who brought our the controversial ordinance on behalf of state home ministry.

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