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Wednesday, 27 January 2021 12.55 AM IST

Tragic experiences from authorities and police that hurt us…


The pain and haplessness that people feel when they are denied the kindness and services from centres they expect most are indescribable.
Most often than not, it will be the ordinary persons who are at the receiving end. Only a few of those incidents come to the notice of the public.

Kerala Kaumudi’s main news the other day was the shocking incidents that shed light on the anarchy and lapses that existed in hospitals. Along with this, when we consider certain bad experiences that people had from the police, we can understand how secure the life of the ordinary people is.
Five patients died on Friday after a fire broke out in the ICU of a designated COVID-19 hospital in Gujarat's Rajkot.

Twenty eight other coronavirus patients being treated at the hospital were rescued, the reports added.
The fire broke out in the ICU of Uday Shivanand Hospital in Mavdi area around 1 am on Friday.
This shows the lapses of hospital authorities. In last August also a similar incident took place in Gujarat.
In the recent incident the apex court has filed a suo-motu case and the court has criticised the authorities for not learning lessons from the past.
Even in the Thiruvananthapuram medical college, there was an incident when a patient was discharged with maggot wounds on his back.
The hospital turned witness to the suicide of more than one Covid patients.

And the most recent incident of a woman who went to Thycaud government hospital for delivering baby is shocking. The doctors left cotton and surgery instruments inside the body and applied stitches after performing C-section.

Who will answer for the mental and physical difficulties the woman underwent for days due to medical negligence.
Who will come forward to recompense her? Even if the culprits are found out, the problems will be hushed up with a suspension or departmental action.
Incidents mentioned above are just a few glimpses of what is happening in government hospitals without any cover.

These are all the outcome of the general feeling that the commoners will tolerate anything without complaining.

Certain incidents related to the nationally famed Kerala police force also need mention here.
In a recent incident, a Grade ASI of Neyyar dam police station had misbehaved with a father and daughter, who had gone there to lodge a complaint.
The world came to know about it after the social media took over it.
The man who receive hurls of abuses have given complaints to higher-ups and awaiting redresses.

The general supposition is that all officers from constable should behave decently with the general public

There are special instructions that officers should patiently listen to the complaints of the people.

Though the world jana maitri (people-friendly) has been added to the name boards in police stations, people say police often don’t live up to that catch line.

The CI who hounded away wayside vendors at Kannur Cherupuzha and the SI who beat a 69-yr-old black and blue in the middle of a road in Chadayamangalam are not at all role models.

When complaints are raised, the police give punishment transfers to the accused or send them for training so that the face of the police force in order to save their face.
What more training can they be given? Policemen for whom only abusive or swear words come out their mouth once they open it, the punishment given should be something else…

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