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Wednesday, 27 January 2021 8.12 AM IST

When it was realised that he was losing opportunities, gave him chance to write Jimmiki Kammal, which became a hit: Lal Jose


Director Lal Jose has written a heart touching memoir about poet Anil Panachooran who passed away on Sunday. Lal Jose has talked about how he gave Anil the first chance to the movie world through his film ‘Arabikatha,’ and the friendship which ensued after that.

During the discussion process of ‘Mullah’ and ‘Arabikatha’ scriptwriter Sindhu Raj recited a strong poem to Lal Jose. The director who was fascinated by the poem, expressed interest to meet the poet. Lal Jose still remembers their first meet, when Anil came to visit him, with a tired face and a plastic bag.

Since the first day of meeting Anil Panachooran Lal Jose was concerned about his future. In recent times when it was realised that Anil was losing every opportunity and problems are bothering his home. With the wish that let it be a second chance for him, Lal Jose offered him to write songs for his film, ‘Velipadinte Pushtakam,’ and the song Jimmikki Kamal became a super hit, crossing all records. He said in his Facebook post that another Panachooran song was being planned.

His Facebook post is as follows:

The medicinal properties of Panachooran poems are known for the first time while undergoing treatment in Shornur Ayurveda Samajam. It was also the time when the discussions of ‘Mullah’ and ‘Arabikatha’ was going on. Scriptwriter Sinduraj recited to me a strong poem. As I was trapped in its poetic beauty in the first recital itself I expressed interest to see the poet.

Sindhu might have sent his men to Kayamkulam right then itself, the next day an unknown mystic traveller knocked at the door of my room in the hospital. It was a man with a tired face and a plastic polythene bag in his left hand. In the first sight itself, I realised that he was a master of words, who himself had bored the wrath of his powerful words. When two nights and a day was spent to enjoy the depth of Panachooran poems, I thought I should get the credit to present this great man before the Malayalam Film Industry and the rest was history. Malayalee took into his heart the flower tree which came up from the ground where blood was spilt. The songs from Arabikatha gave the poet opportunities as large as the Arabian Sea. I have recorded his songs in his own voice to use it as a medicine in my difficult days.

I was concerned about my friend who even sold his house door since our first meeting. When it was realised that Anil was losing every opportunity and problems are bothering his home. With the wish that let it be a second chance for him, I offered him to write Jimmiki Kammal for my film, ‘Velipadinte Pushtakam. Jimmikki Kammal became a super hit and it crossed all records. I had in mind another Panachooran song. We can only think, but before that, he passed away.

“I know you might have occupied heaven with your lyrical talent. The holy spirits in heaven might be singing your signature songs. You are a great sculptor of words whose creations will never die, once it gets into lips. Oh, you the great wonder of the lyrical world. I stand before your spirit with folded hands

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