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Thursday, 21 January 2021 5.18 AM IST

The recommendation that should be implemented without neglect


It is not sure whether the government will accept the judicial commission’s recommendation that the government, without waiting for any procedure, terminate the service of policemen who are found to be suo-motu guilty in custodial death cases.

Under the current circumstances, chances for that is very little but when people come across the ongoing lock-up torture and deaths, they wish that Justice Narayana Kurup-headed judicial commission’s recommendations were accepted.

Let us recall the cases of Rajkumar who was in police custody in Idukki Nedumgandam in the name of Chit fraud case and was later bashed to death inside jail.

This raised a public furore. He breathed his last in the custody after four days’ continuous torture.
The culprits influenced not only doctors who conducted the post-mortem but also the magistrate. But the shocking details of police torture came to light after society take over the case.
Following public wrath, Crime Branch took over the case and a case was filed against certain police men including SI K A Sabu.

When people was not satisfied with this, Justice Narayana Kurup was appointed as the judicial commission.

The commission reported details on the barbarous and brutal third degree torture in the lock-up.
Such policemen bring shame to the entire police force.
Forced dismissal is the highest punishment the government can give to these policemen.
The commission’s recommendation for immediate dismissal of such officers without waiting for court procedures is the right thing.
Even if a case is charged against guilty cops, there may be persons within the force to help them bail out of the situation.

Some may get punished but more may escape.

The outer world come to know about custodial torture only when such tortures end in deaths.
Rajkumar’s custodial death is now under the investigation of the CBI.

Policemen including SI besides police drivers, righters and home guards are accused in the case.

Judicial commission had collected the details and witness accounts of the custodial torture inflicted by them on Rajan.

Certain policemen think that they can do any atrocity since the law is in their hands. This is where the recommendation of Justice Narayana Kurup to dismiss the guilty policemen becomes relevant.

Meanwhile, a recent circular brought by the DGP, aimed at giving unlawful immunity to government employees is contradictory to the belief that everybody is equal before law.
The DGP’s circular says that a case can be filed against government servant only after conducting a preliminary inquiry against him or her. The justification is that filing case without investigation will bring bad reputation to the government.

But he is conveniently forgetting the big reality that everybody is equal in fornt of the law.

The ruling government, which boasts that action will be taken indiscriminately against culprits, should give explanation for this. It should also explain under which law it is giving special consideration to government employees.

Has the government thrown top government officials a line by bringing out this circular?

It seems the police are taking the responsibility by themselves for protecting such officials.
This circular of the DGP, who has brought out such controversial circulars before also, may have the same fate of his earlier circulars.

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